Treinschaamte – Zondag met Lubach (S10)

Het lukt in Europa maar niet om de hoofdsteden met een snelle trein met elkaar te verbinden. De bovenleidingen zijn niet overal hetzelfde en ook de sporen hebben verschillende breedtes. We moeten Europa dus op één lijn krijgen, zodat we minder hoeven te vliegen en vaker de trein kunnen pakken. De oplossing is best simpel: een trein-bonus.

Arjen Lubach is terug met een nieuw seizoen Zondag met Lubach. Nog actueler, nog satirischer en nog vaker nog het woord nog. #ZondagMetLubach zie je iedere week om 21.10 uur op #NPO3 en YouTube. #ZML

Deze video komt uit uitzending 9 van seizoen 10 van Zondag met Lubach:

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And lately, you hear more and more about "flight shame".Because flying is bad for the environment.Coldplay, for example, had so much flight shame…that they have completely stopped touring.Not everyone is bothered by flight shame, because …Guus Meeuwis will fly to New York next year to perform there.Who is he taking with him? His band …and 3000 people from Brabant.So, the whole audience.
Yes, I can do it like that too. And then I think of Brabant because we might just as well have been there… …and there is still a light on
due to time difference Anyway…There are more and more people who are suffering flight shame.And at the climate summit in Madrid this week, the big question was therefore …"Who is going to fly there, and who will take the train?"Prime Minister Rutte.Are you going there by train?No, I'm going to fly.
– Huh?The trains run on coal and so I am going to fly instead.That is not good either.
– huh?Anyway, you gotta do something, eh?[Audience laughter]Yes, Prime Minister Rutte went by plane,
because according to him trains run on coal.So kids, the Prime Minister's message is:
it doesn't matter, it's all the same.Flying, train, cycling…
they're all equally bad for the environment.[Arjen Imitating Mark Rutte] "Well, bicycles are ridden on asphalt, so yes."Which is odd, by the way,
because at the previous climate summit he said this:If we are not going to achieve this, we as mankind have a serious problem on our hands.Yes.What actually runs on coal is his English.And…[Audience applause]And he also gave two excellent
arguments to save the world:"We all as, as, as, citizens of this worldCan not only benefit from this because we will survive.But also because our economies will thriveYeah, so we don't go extinct…and it is good for the economy.For the VVD (Liberal party), the argument
"we're not going to die," isn't enough.If you tell Rutte, "We have to get out of the village,
a big landslide is coming! '…Then he'll say, "Okay, but what's in it for me?"So according to Rutte
none of it matters.Airplane or train,
but how much does it really differ…if you go to that climate summit in Madrid.
Er .. the NOS figured it out.If you want to fly to Madrid it will cost you
approximately €113 for a one-way ticket…and your journey takes about two hours.The emissions from your one-way trip
are 295 kilos of CO2.If you take the train today
from Schiphol to Madrid…it will cost you around €380 for a one way trip.The journey takes at least fifteen hours…and a one way journey produces
45 kilos of CO2 in emissions.Yes, this is a nice picture by the NOS.It does indeed save a lot of CO2,
so what Rutte just claimed is bullshit.But the train is also three times more expensive.And it will take you fifteen hours
to get to Madrid by train.So you might just as well put Rutte
on a youth travel coach to Salou.[Arjen Imitates Mark Rutte] "Nice holiday, unfortunately I have no memories of it."And then I am also curious how Frans Timmermans travelled to Madrid.Because he is the European Commissioner for… the environment or something? Or what is it called?I think you had your first working day today as Climate Tsar…er, Chief of the Green Deal.Climate Tzar, Chief of the Green Deal …King of the Animals, God of NatureAll great titles… but does he go to Madrid by train or by plane?I'm going to fly there, I will fly more often.That's just what it is, the choices you have to make.Okay, so the Tarzan of the Black Forest
is also flying to Madrid.And he thinks: "I can get away with that on DWDD (Dutch talkshow)".But Matthijs (van Nieuwkerk, presenter) also has a research editorial staff nowadays.Madrid is such a borderline case.If you want to go there by train…
– Shall we do that?I had it researched for you.
– YesWe can look at it, by plane…
– Hey!Wait a second. "Had it researched"?This is just that with the picture of the NOS.The only difference is that I no longer see the NOS logo.But alright, so Rutte and Timmermans went by plane.But what is the alternative?There are also people who travelled to the
climate summit by boat…but eh… well…That was a bit unfortunate…because that summit, it would
originally be held in Chile…but was then moved to Madrid.Two months ago, this group of
thirteen Dutch climate activists…started out on a long journey.They set sail for Chile from Amsterdam…for the climate summit.But when it was moved, they couldn't just turn around.The group is now on an island near South America called Martinique.Yes..A boat is not always convenient, but…But neither is a train, because it
takes fifteen hours from Amsterdam.If all goes smoothly. Because there was also another group of climate activists from Vienna…and due to all sorts of delays,
their journey took over 40 hours.That… but isn't that embarrassing?That in Europe, we fail…to connect the national capitals with a fast train.I don't suffer from flight shame, I suffer from train shame.I genuinely do.Why is this so badly set up in Europe?We have had trains here for almost 200 years.We have been close friends for 75 years.And in 2019, if you just cross the border into Germany, this happens:Here in the small border town of Bentheim…every time, so eight times a day…a German locomotive comes to replace the Dutch one and vice versa.Because the Germans have a different voltage on the overhead line than the Netherlands.Yes, this incidentally sounds a little bit
as a Jordanian expression:[Arjen using an Amsterdam accent] "Why is he talking so crazy?""Yes, he has a different voltage on his overhead line. ""Just leave him be."Look, these are the voltages of all overhead lines in Europe.Each color is a different system.What- what is this chaos?And what is happening over there in France?
What is this?Did a bottle of wine spill over Burgundy or something? What?Well, quite embarrassing, but it gets even more embarrassing …because there is also the track itself …and that is not even the same width everywhere.I had it measured by the editors at DWDD and…Everywhere in the Netherlands..the track is 1435 millimeters wide.Germany and France also have 1435mm, but in Spain
and Portugal, they use the Iberian gauge.That sounds like a certain moustache size, but…it means the rails there are 23 centimetres further apart.And that… you feel it, that transition.
That's really… Kedeng kedeng, kedeng ke .. DEKE DEKE DEKE DEKE DENG! Train broken! But…So we need to get all of Europe on the same pageAnd there are good initiatives.For example, there is a European safety system: ERTMS.That should have been introduced by 2002…allowing for faster, more frequent and safer train transport across all of Europe.That has to do with trains being able to communicate with each other and so on.That's very useful.
How's that going?I am eager for some good news by now.Unfortunately: the rollout of ERTMS across Europe is taking much longer than planned. For the time being, only Luxembourg has switched over.Yes, Luxembourg is done.
Great!Applause for Luxembourg.On a roll.Not as if it's any use to us, of course.So if anyone wants to feel very safe for 30 seconds, they need to travel through Luxembourg.But, the Netherlands are also working on it…ProRail hopes to be ready by 2050."Who's going to Mars?""I'll be right there, I'm still busy connecting our rail network to Luxembourg."And the technical differences are not even the biggest problem.Take the route Amsterdam – Berlin, that is 600 kilometres.The Intercity which now runs on that route can go about 200 kilometres per hour.So, you're thinking: "Well, after three hours I'll be standing next to a hipster in an ironic Christmas sweater…in a converted textile factory, sipping on the latest elderberry IPA"…but……in reality, that journey takes over six hours.And that's because that train stops even more often than Raymond van Barneveld.It stops six times in the Netherlands
and nine times in Germany.That is really true.The train to Berlin, so the ultimate alternative to flying to Berlin, makes fifteen stops.In Amersfoort, in Apeldoorn, in Deventer …Almelo, Hengelo, but also Wolfsburg, Stendal …and in Berlin Spandau, which is a district inside Berlin.This is just a kind of regional train.Fortunately, there is one traveller from Almeló.Eh .. Almeló?From Álmelo… with a plan to make the train stop less often.The number of stops could be reduced,says a traveller who has boarded in Almelo.My idea would be: make only one stop, in Almelo.Yes, yes.[mockingly] "To be precise: in the Diepenbrockstraat …and then… for example… at number 92.I'm just suggesting something. I'm just suggesting something."Can anything be done about all those stops?We ask NS(Netherlands state rail) CEO Roger van Boxtel.Yes. Yes. The answer is simply yes.Shhh, you're sitting in a quiet coach!Old fool.The boss of the NS, who is letting himself be interviewed out loud in a quiet coach.As if the director of the Rijksmuseum said:"What I like most about the Night Watch?"[Arjen mimes tearing up a painting while making paper tearing noises]"This part [of the painting], why?"Nevertheless.Can't we just decide to stop less often in the Netherlands?That would be a very strange decision because then you are going to frustrate your national timetable …while you haven't even gotten yet what you want internationally.No, Van Boxtel does not want to
skip Dutch stations…because those Germans in Germany do not skip stations either.So we stop [at stations], when they do.And vice versa.But this way, we will never get a fast train to Berlin.Look, it works within a country, right?Look, er… Paris – Bordeaux, 590 kilometers…that is a journey of two hours and four minutes, because the train runs at 300 kilometres per hour there.It wouldn't make sense to still opt for flying then.And even internationally sometimes something succeeds as well.Soon you can travel to London in three and a half hours.Paris can already be reached in three hours
and 20 minutes.And as soon as that goes easily…people will do it… by train.Even the players of Ajax, they recently took the train to France.Last Tuesday was a special moment because Ajax left for Lille with the Eurostar play the UEFA Champions League game there.And of course, the camera crew from NS Weekly was there too.Sure, of course the NS Weekly camera crew was there too.Of course.Of course, right?
Er… yes…Would be a little weird if NS Weekly weren't there, right?Of course. [mumbles]What is NS Weekly?Well, I started watching a few episodes…and it is an online news bulletin of the Dutch Railways.The host is called Arjan Spoormans …funny, right?Yes, because he is also a man. Eh…And he has all kinds of great tipsMonday evening, a pavement tile from a viaduct in Sittard was thrown against the windshield of a train.It goes without sayig, but… don't.It causes damage, people get scared. And it unnecessarily hinders train traffic.Yes, people- people get scared.Let's hope that the perpetrators also watch NS Weekly, because then they surely won't do it again."My name is Railway Train Coach, good afternoon!"When Ajax went to France by train, they received the NS VIP treatment.Then Roger van Boxtel will come and wave goodbye to you.You get scared, but it is fun.Well, a single soccer team that takes the train to Lille once, that's nice and all…but look where people are still flying to.Almost 40 percent of the flights from Schiphol are shorter than 750 kilometres.And more than 70 percent of all flights from Schiphol is within Europe.And look, Greece is rather far…but most of those flights would easily be possible by train……if the track gauge were the same everywhere,
with fast trains that wouldn't stop so often.Imagine you take that journey from Amsterdam to Madrid.Which currently lasts 15 hours.You know, the DWDD scoop and all. And…You make it equally efficient as Paris – Bordeaux.So: fast track, in the right width, up to Madrid.Stopping almost nowhere, going 300 KM/H.Then it should be possible in 7 hours max.from city centre to city centre.And yes, of course, that costs a lot of money – but so does flying.Because that seems cheap, but is heavily subsidised
at the moment.We have collectively chosen this at one point.There is no VAT on airline tickets …kerosene is tax free …we once thought that up, God knows why…maybe because the plane has already gone through customs or something…I'm not sure exactly, but…but I think the solution is quite simple.A train bonus.And it works like this, please pay attention.For all flights, within Europe, you'll pay €60 extra.So, the train bonus.And that brings in tens of billions a year…and all of that money goes in one big fund, and then all of it will be spent on…European high-speed train lines.And that way can we continue flying for a while…and then we no longer need to be ashamed of the European train network.And that may sound a bit noncommittal…but I got it all worked out in a report.This is that report.
But eh…Well, you want… well, of course, you want other media to pick up on this too.Wait a minute.Let's see, so they can use this.I think this is better…er… so.I think it is better this way, yes.So this is our plan.And now I hope that this will bring me to be featured in NS Weekly.This was Sunday with Lubach!Thank you very much for watching.Have fun with your week and until next Sunday.More and more Dutch people subscribe to this channel.This is evident from figures of the World Wildlife Fund.Would you also like to subscribe? look at the terms and conditions on youtube.nlor click here.

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