System Overload GOING BACK TO HIS ROOTS | Cooking with Alennah (ep.1)

It’s THE COOKING SHOW WITH DJs, and the first episode is with non-other than System Overload! In this episode we make Gado Gado, talk about how he learned how to cook, his heritage, thoughts on the corona situation and of course we dive into some new music!

Massive thanks to Dynamice for sponsoring this episode! Check them out:

Want to follow along? These are the ingredients we used:
Bean Sprouts
(Smoked) tofu
Grean beans
Gado gado (sauce)
Garlic sauce
Coconut milk

Newest info on the corona measurs around parties in The Netherlands:

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We have a sponsor todayIf you watch my vlogs you'll know I'm a fan of DynamiceI eat it a lot and I love itDynamice are guarana energy ice-sticksThey taste really good and there's also a version without added sugarsLet me just check itI'm going to judge it with full honestyI've never had the yellow one, I always eat the red versionWell it tastes real goodThey're nice, which we haven't heard beforeSo -Shall we get startedWhat are we cooking todayI'm from an Indonesian familySo my mom is Indonisian and my dad is DutchWe're going to be making a very simple dish todayMainly because you are vegetarian, which I will take into accountGadogado is an Indonesian vegetable dishPeanut sauce, fresh vegetables and we will bake some tofu with itfor youSomething with rice and I will maybe add a shrimp-dish to itfor myselfBecause I am not vegetarianSo we've got all the stuff over hereAs you can see; a lot of fresh and healthy vegetablesAnd we'll get startedI cook most often at homeSamantha cooks regularly as well, butShe normally prefers typically Dutch foodAnd I prefer the Eastern kitchenImportant: a sharp knifeI hope I don't lose a finger hereNah, you'll be alrightMy mother had a few restaurantsSo from a young age I …have grown up in and around the kitchenAnd from a young age I have been doing the mise en place – the preparations for the dishesSo all those knife tricksAnd preparing things quickly, which I've done since I was like 3 of 4And you really enjoy doing it right?The cooking itself I really enjoy, the mise en place not so muchBut it's part of itJust cutting the tofu in stripsI'll admit this is already going way easier than when I do itWe'll be frying the tofu, I've got wok oilSo we'll be dabbing the moisture out of itWe have Nick – dj Repix in this house as welland he presses me to start a restaurantSo … who knowsWhen my dj career is overI can always start up a restaurantIn The Netherlands or abroad, I don't knowLet's see, we got the tofuWe have got tempeh to go with thatTempeh is made on basis of sesame seedsI've never had thatWell it's quite bitter of tasteBut yeah, it's real healthy tooPeople speak out for it being a meat replacement product, which I think is not very accurateIt's got a bite when it's friedTofu too, it starts tasting like the herbsTofu does remain a bit juicy on the insideand this is much more dryWe don't eat a lot of rice …Totally not …We don't buy small packages, but rather 5 kg bagsWe will firstly fry the tofuIt's easier with a net, but…Never throw too much in the pan, or the frying oil, or the wok oilBecause the moisture will make sure that things don't get fried welland that's uselessNormally I prep everything before dinnerBefore cookingBecause I think that's the easiest way to do itThen I would have all types of bowls hier with the vegetablesSeasoning and that stuff tooBecause, yeah, that's completely hammered into my systemWhen your parents have a restaurantI believe thatSuch a hard lifeThe water for the rice is coming alongEvery says that you need to measure the right amounts of water for an amount of riceit's bullshitJust rice in a pan with water and you'll be okayI do think our aprons areYeah we're matching really wellLet me cut some vegetablesGadogado is an Indonesian dish where -it's eaten as lunch a lotIt's often vegetarianThey sometimes do add things like chickenbut it tastes real good the vegetarian wayIt's called 'cooking with Alennah', but I do nothingwhich is nothing new to my channelI can let you cut a few thingsLike I said, for me it's from a young age -that I've had to do thisDid you like it back then?No, terribleYou start to give in to it at one pointEscpecially with friends and familyYou invite them overAnd they tell you "oh wow, you made this?''A lot of people can't even bake an eggWhich surprises meAlso eating things like take-away food every single day… sorryThat ain't for meSmoked tofu is good as wellFirst time using it*Approving noises*Reminds me of baconVegetarian baconI miss that stuff slightlyNot really meat-dishes, just the bacon stripsI get thatI'm impressed that you keep it upAnd that you've completely diverted from itI can't half-ass stuff, I'm too autistic for itWhen I stop with something I get errors if I do them againI can find myself in that, I have that with music tooBefore I bring out a track, I change it countless timesAnd when I'm finished I can think that the first version might be the best oneAll part of the jobI love fruitI can tell you that I've been doing that way less and lessI used to love itThen I lived in Africa for a yearMy mom bought a piece of land thereShe had the idea of retiring earlyAnd then my girlfriend at the time got -She got pregnant which we didn't have plannedWe were in a period where we both worked 60 hours a weekAnd my mom spoke up and said:Why don't you come down here for the pregnancyWe got to Africa and ate vegetables and fruitsAnd you suddenly thinkAh, this is how oranges should tasteAnd this is the how a cucumber tastesAnd bananas of which you think; "How can it taste so different in The Netherlands?"Everything grows in full nature thereThat's just way, way nicerSo you don't like it hereNo I really don't like it anymoreI'll eat bananasBut things like mangos I'm just like: this has nothing to do with mangosWhich is a shameI really like itI'm that person that walks around with fruit bowls at festivalsChinese cabbageSuper crispyI'll always bring it in as Gadogado is a vegetable dishAnd if you add all types of soft salads it becomes very basic foodSoggyI like to have a bite everytimeLike I said with the riceDidn't measure it or suchThat's basically cookedLid back onGreen beans and broccoliWe'll blanche themIn salty waterThen it will be very quickly doneDo you want to cut something?Yeah well yeah(no…)I don't think I dare to, my skills are way worseThat really doesn't matter thoughShall I teach you somethingWe'll need the entire cutting board for itPut your fingers on like thisOh yeah I saw that when doing work at a restaurant onceWhen you do this you can't cut yourselfYou'll let the knife rest against your fingersIf you keep your fingers like this, nothing can happenNow you can cut quicklyPut it like thisYou can do itI have trust in youLike this?Fingers tucked inDoesn't matterExactly, you can never cut your fingersAlready twice as fastFun soundNormallyYou buy beans with the tips, but I couldn't be botheredI hate it too, it costs so much timeI always buy them like this tooI got comments from my mom that it isn't a big effortI won't cut tips for hoursMolten iceYeah it really has that energy drink flavour to it as wellI'll leave a few with youLuckily not on the apronBut it's on my t-shirtYeah that's where the apron is for…Exactly, to spoil on my t-shirtDeliciousHow long have you been doing partiesDefinitely about ten yearsSo I have to say -Plus fifteen1993 was the first partyI'm from 1995Back then I was already -and you couldn't say mommy or daddy yetI was still a liquidFor real, 1993 was my first party;Mean Machine and Satanin The HagueI went there for The Prodigy, because I loved thatand then Darkraver a.o. cameand I thoughtThat's way cooler than The ProdigyI went to Mysteryland on the MaasvlakteI went there to discover what there was, Neophyte came and -Three Steps Ahead and I had such long hair when I wentPonytail, I was a rockerand I came back baldYou hear that a lotI used to listen to a lot of punk and rock before I got into hardstyle and hardcoreYou hear that from a lot of people that they came from those genresI have been a drummer in metal bandsThat's actually what I had been doing before all of thatI never had the intention to become a DJI liked being drummer in bandsand at one point came the hardcoreThen I got addicted to that musicI thought the partying was so incredibly interestingI didn't feel anything for being a dj myselfAnd at a certain moment that just got -Actually after ten years, ten years of partying, I first started dj'ingSat in the studio with JDAHe taught me a lot of extra things about producingHad the chance to make an anthem for Harmony of HardcoreI was in the mainstream hardcoreA whole world opened up to me, a stood on my first mainstageat Harmony of Hardcore with such a big crowd that I thought; jesus…This is itEventually it became my jobWhich completely sucks right nowI got questions about thatWhat it's like for you right nowI am justvery lucky to have a lot of inspirationin the studioand that I, because of thatspend a lot of time thereI hear lots of different stories about thatOne has a lot of inspiration while the other does not feel like doing anythingThat's right and I think it's a shameI think it's very hard when you …make music just to play itpeople listen to music at home as wellThat's why I thought likeI've got to continueEscpecially if the season starts back up againTo make sure you have new music, new contentI've got a new logo, there's new merchandise comingI've finished my album, I made an EP with RepixI'm doing a remix for Miss K8There's a new version coming of Gabbers in Pariz, by me and F.NoizeJust keep on grindingI played a boat party recentlyWith the 1.5 meter and everythingIt was for 60 or 70 people, but …that was incredible to meEven if it starts up slowlyThat's fine by me, but eventually -I'm excited to go ham againYou hear that a lotIt's not demotivating to me, I just accepted the factIt is no differentEventhough I completely disagreeI think it's bullshitThe chance of getting infected outside is 0,0That's what I'm wondering, we have small parties that are all indoorsWhy don't we do it outdoorsThat's what I don't understandYou've got to deal with measures and allowancesBut I don't get it from the goverment and the local authoritiesI don't get it whatsoeverYou are allowed to go in a plane with 600 peopleStuck together for six hours straightBut when you're outside, you cough and it flies away -that you can't partyThe face masks are no problem, there are plenty of parties where they are already mandatoryEscpecially in other countriesWhat the fuck is the issueI just … I … yeahI'm convinced there is much more behind itthen just the corona virusAt the start I believed everything as wellBut in the meanwhileNow too, next issue is -what happens in AmericaIt's terrible what's happening thereBut the entire world is in chaos modeabout something mainly issued in AmericaIt's good that people stand up for it, but we should be allowed to stand up for our things tooI back both the movementsWe aren't even allowed to protest right nowIt's just crossed out entirelyWhile all we want to do is stand up for our freedom andshow that we aren't afraid of gathering in groupswith less than 1.5 meters distanceAnd I think that when you start allowing these thingsPeople will become more at ease and now you just fuel the firePeople don't know what they want at the momentAnd people who are frustratedAre no funThey get madLike I said, the way everything is substantiated makes no senseI would think of it differently if everything would get bannedNot that I want that to happenI do get what you mean"What will we do this weekend?""We're going to the Efteling or Walibi, because we can walk around with 10.000 people there"I'm going next week!You can walk around with 10.000 peopleYou'll have to make an appointment up front for the ridesWhen you get to them, you stand in the same queuesAll closely together, no 1.5 meters, becausethe entryway you're in isn't even 1.5 meters wideWe can sit with thousands in airplanesThat's allowedBut a festival? Hey? Hello?Of course we're not asking for mass events right now, that's not the pointBut that shouldn't matter a thingIf you make outdoor areas from all the tents that are on the terrainThe chances of infection is 0.01%Now we're going to have to give the boring elements some tasteVery easyGarlic and an onionTofu back inIt smells really goodShuffle it aroundWhen you eat onions raw it's got that … yeaI don't like raw onionsIt has to be bakedAnd it smells niceYes, exactlyThen we can start building the GadogadoIt's supposed to be with just water, but I do half coconut waterGingerNice, niceBit of garlicGoing to make ginger shrimpsThat you can't eatWe're in the studioLet's just -I'll have to give it to you, it was really goodI'm glad it wasIt's really hot hereSo let's just have an ice creamOutside of cooking in the kitchen, I also cook up things in the studioThe new album is coming upI've just finished new tracksI just want to give a quick previewExcited about your opinionsWhat a beautiful language and suchNice kickThank you, thank youWell this is one of the tracks on the albumI just noticed I've got the vocals muted, I don't know whyI've also just made an EP together with RepixThat'll be coming firstProbably around July 2ndAnd after that comes the -my new albumIt'll be called Everyday StrugglesFits the current scheme of thingsThis is my domain at the momentThe only positive to quarantine is that I have plenty of time to produce musicSo there's a lot of tracks comingThe album is 16 tracks, then the EP with RepixWhich became a total of 6 tracksThen we will get a remix for Miss K8 and a remix for The Sickest SquadAnd then the festival season should really get startedSeriously guys, I don't think we will get too much this summerI hope Ibiza is an optionAnd otherwise we will do it next yearThe indoor parties, off our nutWe'll go hamDefinitelyFrom Casa OverloadSee you next timeDynamiceeeeeI don't even have to do my own effectsReal quickI hope you enjoyedFirst episodeLike and subscribeSee you next time

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