Update from Police Chief, Rainer Navarro, about Coronavirus Testing and the Department

Chief Rainer Navarro provides an update about the Santa Rosa Police Department, including news that after testing a total of 107 employees: 92 employees tested negative, 8 employees tested positive, and 7 results are pending for COVID-19.

Para ver en español: https://youtu.be/9yf5ldqDCNw

For more information or to stay up to date on all things related to the coronavirus, go to SRCity.org/PreventTheSpread or call 2-1-1.

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Hello, I am Rainer Navarro, Chief of Police
for the City of Santa Rosa.Last week, I confirmed that five of our Santa
Rosa Police Officers tested positive for COVID-19.Over the weekend, in partnership with the
Sonoma County Health Officer, more staff memberswith a potentially heightened risk of exposure
were tested.At the time of the publication of this video,
this is the latest information about COVID-19tests and the Santa Rosa Police Department.While any news of a positive test result is
concerning, these latest results are reassuringthat the proactive measures our police department
is taking – are working.But we can’t do it alone – we need your
help too.Continue to shelter in place and please STAY
HOME.Your voluntary compliance is expected,
And we appreciate and thank all of you whoare taking this very seriously.Unfortunately, some in our community continue
to dismiss the public health order.In response, our department is considering
additional enforcement measuresif we continue to see people out and about
in violation of the order.I cannot emphasize this enough.Our police officers and staff –
who are potentially exposed to coronavirusas they respond to calls for service –
Need you to stay home, so they can continueto go to work.At this time, I don’t anticipate any more tests
being needed for our department; however,should more tests be administered I will regularly
update you – our community – with theresults.Thank you and be well.For more information,
Visit SRCity.org/PreventTheSpread or call2-1-1.Watch local coronavirus updates from the City
of Santa Rosa on Comcast channel 28 and ATTUVerse channel 72.

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