Coronavirus Daily Update – The NHS is here to help – 21/05/2020

Day 41 . . .

The NWTDT Board, which consists of Experts by Experience and colleagues from Health and Social Care from across the NW, have asked the NWTDT/ Pathways team to share an update every day (Monday to Friday) to make sure that people have accessible, accurate and up to date information about COVID 19.

Obviously, things are changing every day so each video update has the date on so that you can find the most up to date information.

This week NHSE launched their ‘Help us Help you’ campaign to remind us that the NHS is still here to look after you if you have a medical condition or injury which needs treatment even during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is really important that your get the help you need if you are injured or not well.

NHSE have produced an easy read summary about getting NHS help when you need it –

We did a video about Hospital Passports on –

Here is a link to the information our friends at Learning Disability England put together for you –

NHS 111 website –

All previous videos are available on NWTDT YouTube page –

If you are interested in wanting to become a member of Pathways here is a link to some information and a membership form –

If there is something you want us to tell people about, or something you would like us to explain let us know or if you want adding to a distribution list to receive this directly please email Lynn James-Jenkinson at

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