Huawei & 5G – Zondag met Lubach (S10)

5G komt eraan. De Chinese elektronicafabrikant Huawei wil ons 5G-netwerk gaan bouwen. De antennes, de zendstations, de centrale routers. Daar is Huawei namelijk heel goed in. Toch wil niet iedereen met ze in zee en er zijn goede redenen om bang te zijn voor 5G. Arjen heeft zijn favoriete boyband uitgenodigd om dat duidelijk te maken.
Arjen Lubach is terug met een nieuw seizoen Zondag met Lubach. Nog actueler, nog satirischer en nog vaker nog het woord nog. #ZondagMetLubach zie je iedere week om 21.10 uur op #NPO3 en YouTube. #ZML
Deze video komt uit uitzending 4 van seizoen 10 van Zondag met Lubach:

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Up next, 5G is comingOf course, you'll immediately be thinking of the boyband the 5GsRemember?Gerad, Gijs, Gert, Guus en SjoerdWho was actually named GovertWonderful boys, wonderful music.But I'm referring to 5G mobile data,the successor of 4G,which is waaaayyyy faster mobile internet5G is coming: superfast internet that will drastically change our livesIt's so fast even, it has such little delay, that a doctor should be able to perform a surgerywithout having to be present in the operating roomOh yeah, chill! YeahThat way the doctor doesn't have to go all the way into the operating roomBecause that used to be so annoying!Pff, horribleAnd maybe you're thinking: "Fuck that, I'm not a doctor, I just want to download some shit!""How much faster will I be able to do that with 5G?""Just so I can compare"Just for your comparison, this is the difference when you try downloading the new Ed Sheeran albumBam! 0.2 seconds!And that's also immediately a big disadvantage of 5GYou blink and suddenly you have Ed Sheeran on your computerSo, a music album in 0.2 secondsBut also a whole season of your favorite show. Game of Thrones, or in my case, Kees & Cowithin half a minuteHowever, there also disadvantages"But there's a catch: this fast internet travels on tiny wavelengths.""5G can only travel a very short 300 meters""So future networks will need thousands of mini base stations everywhere, all over a city to relay the signals"Yeah, so 5G is faster, but it also has a much more limited reachMore antennas will be neededIn a city such as Tilburg alone, for example Eindhoven,an estimated 2500 antennas will be needed to be attached to street lights, bus stops, etc.That's a lot of work, and it also causes some distressEven so, there's mostly growing distress on the internet about 5G.Sometimes, based on fake news."Hundreds of birds have fallen from the sky in The Hague, The Netherlands, during a 5G experiment"YeahThere's distress over the radiation caused by 5GAs with 3G, 4G, Wifi, and the steam train, people are afraid they'll get sick from itThat video on the dead birds caused a lot of panic, but they didn't die due to a 5G experimentBecause those birds were in The Hague and in The Hague, no 5G experiments were conductedIt was a hoaxWho falls for that?The first experiments concluded in some worrying resultsin relevance to the well-being of birds in the vicinity of 5G transmission towersThe fun part of a hoax is hearing the most unexpected people talking about bird well-beingBut in reality, there's no reason to think radiation from mobiles can cause damageScience has conducted about 4500 researches on this matter since the 1950sAnd what we see is that in the last 30 years, even though we have started using more mobile phonesand have started placing more Wifi routers in our homesWe see no effectsThousands of researches have been conducted, the World Health Organization compared a large amount of those researchesAnd found not even one piece of evidence that this kind of radiation can be damagingEven soEven so, there is a reason for distress when it comes to 5GNot the boyband, people, they are still togetherIt's all greatBut there's a reason for distress when it comes to 5GBut why? Well, that's hard to sayVery hard evenExactlyExactly, yet Huawei you want to pronounce it, the Chinese electronics producer Huawei wants to build our 5G networkThe antennas, the transmission stations, the central routers, Huawei is very good at itThey are winning the 5G raceThey spend an estimated 15 billion euros on research and development on a yearly basisThat's more than the most prominent competitors, Ericsson and Nokia, combinedHuawei is already delivering superior 5G technology and for a rather alluring priceYes, a veryHold on, where is it?Oh, there it is. Alluring priceSo, Huawei is the cheapestOf course, but you also have to admit, they are the bestYou pay less, but then you also have a better productIt's really about what you wantAnd now you're thinking: "Great! Huawei needs to build our 5G network!"But if that's such a good idea?Now that the world is working on an even faster network, Huawei is in the lead on being able to deliverBut more and more Western countries are afraid that the Chinese government is using the company for espionageYeah, so they look like the best option, but they can't be trustedAnd how do I know this? Because they're ChineseAnd yeah, that sounds xenophobic, but I was told by RTL ZThe Chinese. They are stealing our dataFor years, hackers from China were targetting at least 24 companiesThe Chinese secret services are involved in hacking Dutch company and government agenciesThat's what the Dutch secret services, the AIVD, reportsThe AIVD, they've been warning us that China has been hacking us like crazy for yearsJust like Iran, Russia, and North-KoreaChina may not be the enemy officially, but they have been attacking usAnd Huawei says: "That's about the country China, we're just a company."But it's a bit more complicatedBecause, for the Chinese, the difference between company and government is sometimes rather hard to seeIn China, company and state are not as separated as we're used toChinese laws have been written in a way that the Chinese government can interfere with these companiesAnd force the companies into doing certain thingsAccording to experts, it is unthinkable that a company this big has no connections to the governmentThat's rather shockingImagine Mark Rutte worked for Unilever for several years and that the dividend- this is not a good exampleSince a couple of years, every Chinese company is required to help the government spyThat still doesn't prove that Huawei is actually doing this and Huawei has been denying for yearsBut fact of the matter is that it is a Chinese company and that makes Huawei kind of scaryIn addition, Huawei has been accused of theft of company secrets on multiple occasionsWhich is in line with what the AIVD keeps seeingAt this moment, The Netherlands has to choose between Huawei or another 5G creatorBecause in Europe we also have 5G technology by the Scandinavian Ericsson and NokiaAnd, of course, that sounds more like something from the old days then something from the futureBut, yeahImagine how hard you can Snake with 5GAnd, yes, the Scandinavian shit is more expensive and of lesser qualityBut there is less of a chance espionageSo we must choose as The NetherlandsAnd when I have to make a hard decision, the first thing I think of is: "What would other people do?"I started doing this after I showed up dressed inappropriately at a baby showerHow should I have known, I thought: "We're going to take a shower." How should I have knownWhat are the other countries doing with Huawei?The US is the clearest"Huawei is something that's very dangerous""You look at what they've done from a security standpoint, from a military standpoint, it's very dangerous"Hey, look! They also have prinsjesdagWhat a boring hatsOkay, well, America wants nothing to do with Huawei and they are not the only onesAustralia, New Zealand, and Japan also don't want the Huawei 5G networkAnd there are also countries that want to keep out Huawei from the 5G coreSuch as Germany, the United Kingdom, known because of 'Order! Order!' remember? Them.And France. And there are also countries want Huawei's 5G networkRussia, for example. That's PutinTurkey, ErdoganIt's also a bit about who you want to side withBolsonaro is also green. Mohammed Bin Salman from Saudi Arabia. DuterteBut also in Europe: Franco, MussoliniAnd within The Netherlands, there's one township who says: "Were not going to do anything with Huawei"We find that much too dangerous." (Said in the dialect from Groningen, the most northern province)RotterdamThat's logical, because if the harbor start's running completely on 5G in the futureChina might be able to watch along or turn everything offThe AIVD as well says: "Don't buy Chinese 5G appliances"And the NAVO warns: "Be careful with the Chinese"And before you take out your Hauwei phone and throw it in the blenderThis is not about phones, but about the 5G networkIt's now the government's callDo we, as The Netherlands, want to work with Huawei or not?And when I hear Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs, I begin to worryBut don't we already know there are problems? The AIVD warns for Chinese company espionageRTL Nieuws noted yesterday that Chinese hackers, affiliated with the government, broke into government agenciesThat should be enough warnings, shouldn't it? – Well, they're no saintsThey're no saints?Dear Mona, sometimes that's not what you want to hear"Honey, did you get a baby sitter?""Yes I did, they're upstairs. They're no saint, but everybody deserves a second chance""The cab's here!"We're talking about people who want to build our while digital infrastructureRecently, 112 (emergency phone number/services) was down because of an internet malfunctionThat already caused complete chaos and even deathsBut if we get 5G and it's taken down because we're fighting with the creatorsAll self-driven cars will come to a halt, our payments won't come through, the supermarket won't be able to order their suppliesBut The Cabinet keeps refusing to take hard actions against HuaweiAnd, of course, it's complicatedBecause even when you decide: "Alright, I'll take the more expensive and slightly worse 5G internet from Scandinavia""Even if it takes a little longer to download a season of Kees & Co"You'd have to ban Huawei and other companies from constructing hereWhen we're doing a lot of business with ChinaSo you don't want to insult themThe Cabinet even have a "China strategy", which mainly says that we should trade a lotBecause China needs a lot of microchips and we're very good at making themSo that's tradeBut the difficult part is that China also has a "China strategy"And the clock is ticking"Made in China 2025, now check it out. It's a ten-year program"Made in China 2025The goal of the Chinese government is to no longer rely on Western technology as fast as possibleAnd in 2025, China wants to be able to make almost everything by themselvesThat explains why they have been hunting our company secretsOur strategy is to remain friends and to trade, and their strategy is to become completely self-sufficientBut this, this isThis is like a garage where its best customer from time to time takes some of its tools"Yeah, I'm not going to say anything about it. He's a very good customer!"And then, after a while, the customer opens up his own garage on the other side of the street and never stops by anymoreThink about thatAnd if we then install their 5G network, they'll have us by our digital ballsOkay, so, there's enough reason to be afraid of 5GNot because of radiation, but because you shouldn't take one of our first necessities of life and entrust it to people who "aren't saints"And now I could say: "Government, watch out for Huawei!"But there are people who can do a way better job then I canAnd that's why I have invited my favorite boyband. Here they are, the 5Gs!This was Zondag met LubachThank you for watching, have fun this week and see you next Sunday!The 5Gs!Did you like this video? You're sadly not the only one, so be quick and score a subscription on this channel while stock lastsWhich is kind of longClick here

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