De UFC zou in de zomer van 2020 naar Nederland komen. Corona gooit roet in het eten.

Dit is een korte clip van de 9e aflevering van de EPIC MMA Podcast met Stefan Struve:

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I had nothing planned for that matterI did was in talks with the UFCfor this summerbut i don't thinkthat it willl continuethe UFC wasplanning to come to Europe this summerbut i don't think they are going to golocations overseas.Probably not. But you are saying the summerAre we talking about the Netherlands?Or not? They were not planning to come this year right?Well they were looking at the NetherlandsI can not say a lot more than that. I also haveno idea what of those plans will continueThey wanted to goto another city as the last two sounded really good onlybut we can probably cross that one outI am affraid so.

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