White House Press Secretary Defends Trump’s Kung-Flu Coronavirus Comment

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, June 23.

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White House Press Secretary Defends Trump’s Kung-Flu Coronavirus Comment- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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-Welcome to "Late Night."How we doin', everybody?I got an air conditioner
for the attic today,so, my mood has improved,
uh, tremendously.I also installed it myself,
so if you hear a loud,metallic crash
at any point during this,that's probably —
that's probably what it is.I'd also like it to be
robots fighting,but it's probably
the air conditioner.Let's get to the news.When asked, in a new interview,
if he had told staffto slow down
coronavirus testing,President Trump said,
"If we did slow it down,we wouldn't show nearly
as many cases."The guy is so bad at lying.That's like if your parents
asked, "Are you high?"And you said, "You know,marijuana's legal
in several states."Following President Trump's useof the offensive phrase
"kung flu"to describe the coronavirus,White House Press Secretary
Kayleigh McEnanydefended Trump yesterday
and said Trump is,"Linking it
to its place of origin."It's the same reason
Trump refers to McEnanyas "Liar Factory."President Trump gave a speech
today in Arizonato a group of Young Republicans.Of course, in Arizona,
the term young Republican refersto anyone who's only wearing
one knee brace. [ Laughs ]A megachurch in Phoenix
is facing skepticismahead of President Trump's visit
after a claimto have installed
a ventilation system that,"Kills 99.9% of COVID
within 10 minutes,"which sounds crazy, but it's
still the most believable thingthat's ever been said
in a megachurch.[ Southern accent ]
Y'all, the Lord wants meto have a private jet.Why would a talkin'
toaster lie to me?The aerospace company
Virgin Galacticannounced a new partnership
with NASA yesterday,to train astronautsfor trips to the
International Space Station,though there hasn't been
much interest, yet,for the trip back.President Trump announced
today that anyonewho vandalizes monuments
or statues on federal propertywill face penalties
of up to ten years in prison.This, after he saw a very
disturbing documentary.In a new interview
with Fox News,President Trump claimed thatformer National Security Advisor
John Bolton's memoircontains classified
government information.Oh, please.
[ Laughing ] You didn't make itpast page 2.[ As Trump ]
Um, copyright 2020?Classified.Published by Simon & Schuster?Definitely shouldn't be
tellin' people that.Schuster's happily married.I've seen enough.Today was
International Widows' Day,shouted a DJ who's still gettin'
back into the swing of things.Let me hear all the widows
in the house!I'm sorry.
I haven't been out.I've been home and it's just —
it's different at home.Today was also
National Hydration Day.It comes after 100 straight
dehydration days.And, finally,
in an effort to createa more sustainable menu,
Starbucks has announcedit will expand the availability
of oat milk.It's just one
of the many optionsthey'll always be out of.That was the monologue.And no crash, so maybe
someone's a little bit handierthan everyone in his familyhas made him feel
that he actually is.

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