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Iedereen houd moed, tijdens deze #coronacrisis.. #staystrong #stayhome #metmij en….om toch wat om handen te hebben, is er een nieuwe video!, ik heb deze als “aandenken” aan deze vreemde onwerkelijke tijd gemaakt. En hoop dat het niet meer lang duurt, zodat er een vaccin komt en wij weer ons “oude” fijne leven kunnen oppakken en dat de IC afdelingen leeg zijn en er niemand meer zo ziek kan worden…#blijfsterk #blijfthuis

Deze video heb ik de #coronaflower noemen en is aan deze lijst toegevoegd.

Kijken jullie ook mee? En haak deze bloem voor #hoop op betere tijden?

Haken nieuwe steken leren ️ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm7Zkr85N6k7y7sYwaTFk1L4GDt5yaDij

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Welcome to "everyone can crochet"
today we are going to make the "corona flower"and the corona flower
these are all leaves and you go themsoon all hook together
at least … yes I will leave it quietsee but first I want to warmly welcome you
thank you for watchingto "everyone can crochet" all the videos
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I really like youall look again … and yes so really nice
if anything and ask if you wantto know something
then put it under this videoyou need for the corona flower it is
a little bit three pieceyou need a ball of 50 for that
grams or scraps of wool, I finally haveall of them
used scraps of wool look I still have thisleft over from 50 grams so you can have your leftovers
format with thisyou can use all colors
what you want … so yes what you like bestfinds
i really enjoy doing andthis dish this is from Action and thereso I put it on him
and my daughter comes in and she saysHey! that's nice!
so i lost him … but good he isvery nice to make
so I'm just going to make another oneyes and you need a darning needle one
scissors I have crochet hook five and a halfused and yes two balls of wool lightly
and darkwhat you actually want, i am actually
also very curious about your resultsso please send in a photo and then
let's start, see you soon!and you also need everything glue and
this one is from the Action and yes you canbuy natural textile glue but the
all-purpose glueyes that is finally going pretty well because
soon you will go all those leaves beautifulover each other and then you have
need gluewe start the corona flower
with a loop design, we startwith 10
loose10 chain stitches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
and then we close the ring in the firstchain with a slip stitchyou pick up the thread and you pull through 2
loopsthen you make 3 chain 1 2 3 and then
we go 9Place chopsticks in the opening, 9 chopsticks 12 3 4 56 7 8 92 chain stitchesand are going to put 9 sticks in the
opening 1 23, and if we have 9 at the end here
then I'll see you again so!look, it looks like this then you have 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 sticks madeand then you go into that opening and then close
you the petal the petalwith a slip stitchthen we are going to make 10 loose
so again 10 chains 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10and then you close the ring
not here in which that 2nd, that2nd loop
there you close the opening and you go thisdo exactly the same, by half
fixedso you go up with three chain stitches then
you start the petal with it and youensures that this remains your good
and then you turn your work and then you gajweather
9 petals or 9chopsticks
9 sticksand at 9 then I'll see you again, see you soon!if you crocheted 9 trebles then you do
two loose againand then you will crochet 9 double crochet 1, 2 again3, and I see you at 9 sticks I see
you back, see you soon!then we are now at the 9th batonand we close the round again by half
fixedand then you are going to make 10 loose again and you
repeats those leaves and every timeyou then make 13 of these leaves in totalyou make a total of 13 of those
petals is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 and then you take your scissors,
cuts the threadand you tie off your thread neatly and then you pick a different color, it doesn't matter which onecolor that you pick I take now for a moment
yes quite a different color, this is realpetrol so I like that
ocher yellow and make another set-up looptake your crochet hook, you insertand now we are going to add a nice edge
to makeso now we start where we tied off
placed there have a different colorBet
so we did a setup loop and wego in stitches and get the thread and
we make a permanent oneand then we do another oneand then we go on each stick we go half
make a half on each stickdouble crochet on each double crochet
on every sticka half double crochetand then it looks like thisthen we are here at this opening
and then we enter five half double crochetsto make1 2 3 4 5 and then we will make a half double crochet in each stitch againand then we are at the other
petal arrivedwe are going to close it nicely firstso where you started here and close
you do the round with a slip stitchand then we go to this leaf here, we put
a fixed so we are going to unload under thatby we pick up the thread and we make
a regularand then we go on every stitch again
make half double crochet on each stitchyou're going to make a half double crochetthen I will see you here again at the top
back to so!and above we go again five half
make chopsticks1 2 3 4 5 and when we get to the opening
look I already used onethen we go there again 5 half
make chopsticksthis is this is 1 2 3 4 5 and then on again
each stitch a half double crochet on each stitchhalf double crochetthen I see the end I see you again
back to so!and now we are at the end and then we finish the round with a slip stitchand then we go againactually looking for the stalk of it
next petal and there we makea fixed on so we go with the crochet hook
under it, we pick up the thread and we make a fixed oneand then we're going to make half double crochets on each double crochet, like I just got itexplained
and then you go all 13leaves you're going to do that, and then I'll see you in the endthen I'll see you again, see you soon!look
and when you have done all the petalsand almost in the end, here's how
nice actually has the effect ofthat surrounds you
with that slip stitchso … and now I close with a slip stitchpetalyou see? that you get nice leaves
and now we are going to make it into a flowerso of all those 13 leaves that we
have madehave you well tied look and now we go
put them down nicelyso we are going to put them in from the beginning, we are going to put them down nicelyactually with the good sides
you are going to put them upstairsmake it a flower too,
so goodwe divide the leaves for a moment
and a bigger round so lay every timeyou like those leaves from the right side
put yourself downyou put them all down neatly
a nice round and around the leavesequally good actually, that you are on the right side
I still have a bit of glueand then the start from the beginning
and I'm going to use a little glue andand then I goa little glue on the leavesand I just use the glue of the
action so that it also stays in placereally a drop
and then put the other petal on itnext onehold for a moment and again the nextand put it neatly back on you
actually keeps this edge so beautifulso just push and you can
eventually also with your needlefix it but now for a whileit is also very nice to bring your leftover wool
you can do alluse colorsand now, so you have first 1 2 3 4 5 6
7glued and now we go the inside
glueit is also a lot of fun to do
say it is realyou get a really nice job.
must take good care of the flowerstructure say, that you keep it, we fix it nicely and this isthe last, we put it over here againthen you can get threads
finish offit's like a water lily, but i mention
him the corona flower, because we are now in thecorona time so yes really good
home…you can make beautiful things? so I
go now if it is not tightnow i go, with a darning needle a few times there
through so that it stays in placeI also grab the backas it sits, you can go from behind
forward, you stay dark with youput yarn in the dark and
back againit's really great fun, great fun on
to lay a bowl or sew on a ruga really nice flowerso finish the threadsI would say have fun with the
corona flower and you below on my photothen you can actually subscribe
and I would say have fun crocheting! do you havequestions put them under the video … and to the
next video!bye!

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