Trump’s Coronavirus Cover-Up; Bolton’s Tell-All Book: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump administration deciding to move on from the coronavirus pandemic and pretend it’s over even though it’s still here – and getting worse.

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Trump’s Coronavirus Cover-Up; Bolton’s Tell-All Book: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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-The Trump administrationhas decided to just move onfrom the coronavirus pandemicand pretend it's over,even though, in reality,it's still here,
and getting worse.For more on this,
it's time for "A Closer Look."[ Suspenseful theme plays ]The nation has obviously
been focusedon the weeks of sustained
mass demonstrationsagainst systemic racism
and police brutality,but, at the same time,
the pandemic is still here.It hasn't gone anywhere.The coronavirus is likemy copy of "The Thorn Birds."It hasn't been on my side
table for a few weeks,but that doesn't mean
it was gone forever.It was just off-camera
and now it's back.But I can promise you
what's not backis labored bits where I add
books or change the titles.And, look, there was
never a good timeto have the world's
dumbest man as president,but the timing could not
be worse right now,as the country faces some
of its weightiestand most difficult challenges
in our lifetimes.There are mass demonstrationsagainst systemic racism
and police brutality.Unemployment is at its highest
since the Great Depression.North Korea
just blew something up.Tensions are escalating
between India and China.The coronavirus pandemic
is still ragingand The New York Times reportsthat toilets can spray plumes
of coronavirus into the airand infect the next person
who uses them.Now, we can't even
enjoy toilet plumes.The only thing I had left
to look forward to this summerwas loading the kids
into the vanand taking them
on a cross-country tripto see America's most
picturesque toilet plumes.2020 sucks!And may I say,
this is the first dentin the otherwise
sterling reputationof Porta Potties.Also, that's gotta be
the most embarrassing wayto catch coronavirus.
Were you near any large crowds?"No, but I —
I maybe huffed a plume."So, things are bad.In a situation like this,
the very minimumwe should expect from our leader
is his ability to provide uswith a shared sense of reality,
to give us all the facts,but the president,
he doesn't wanna do that.In fact, he's repeatedly
expressed an interest this weekin hiding the truth
about the coronavirus pandemic,suggesting that,
if we just stopped testing,it would go away.-Today, President Trump
attributed an increase in casesin some states
to advanced testing.In a tweet, he said, "Without
testing, or weak testing,we would be showing
almost no cases.Testing is
a double edged sword -Makes us look bad,
but good to have!!!"-Our testing is so far advanced,it's so much bigger and better
than any other country,that we're gonna have
more cases.We're always going
to have more casesand, as I said this morning,
that's probably the downsideof having good testing,
is you find a lot of casesthat other countries, who don't
even test, don't have.If you don't test,
you don't have any cases.If we stop testing right now,we'd have very few cases,
if any.-I can't believe I have
to explain this.If we stopped testing,that wouldn't mean
the cases went away.That would just mean
we don't know about them.When you play peekaboo
with a baby,the baby can't see you,but that doesn't mean you
actually disappear.Do you remember when people
were making those viral videos,when they stand behind a cover
in front of their dog,then drop the blanket
and run awayand the dogs thinks
they disappeared?That's Trump.[ As Trump ] What the hell?
He was juststanding behind the blanket.Damn you to hell,ghost blanket!"You called for me, sir."Not you, ghost blanket.The other ghost blanket.Now, this is a sentiment Trump
has repeated several times –if only we could stop testing,we'd look so much better,
which is just insane.It's like if you went
to your optometristand they said, "I could
give you an eye exam,but then, you'd need
glasses to drive."That doesn't mean
you don't need glasses,just means you'll probably get
in more car accidentsthan Billy Joel.
And that'sanother Billy Joel
car crash joke!And, yes, that is a reference
that is 16 years old,which means, if that
reference were a person,they would have no idea
who Billy Joel is.And, if you're
a person who is surprisedthat I'm still making Billy Joel
car crash jokes in 2020,all I can say is You oughta know by now We are having fun
in our attic Now, Trump is,
in his own unique way,breathtakingly dumb,but the rest
of his administrationis just as committed to this
coronavirus coverup as he is,even if they manage to be
a little more subtle about it.Vice President Mike Pence,
for example,urged governors,
on a call this week,to lie about the increasing
number of coronavirus cases.-According
to The New York Times,at a conference call,the VP urged governors to…-The idea that cases
are going upbecause testing has increased
is a lie.And, sure, Mike Pence mightlook more convincing
than Trump when he lies.He shakes his head
and furrows his browlike a community theater actor,looking even more the part
of a statesman,thanks to sharing a two-shot
with a man who looks likehe's trying to get you
to play the ring tossdown on the
Coney Island boardwalk.But it's still a lie.The increase in testing
is not the reasonfor the increase in positives.In fact…Just look at this map from the
website,with states that are
trending poorly in red.Just because Trump has gotten
bored with somethingdoesn't mean it's gone away.You think he would've at leastlearned that lesson
from these two.[ As Trump ]
What are you two losers
doing here?I thought you disappeared."No, Dad.
We went to summer camp."I thought it was permanent
summer camp.The Trump administrationhas even been contradicted
by their own scientists.On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci
said the increase in cases…Which is just obviously true.What do you think is more
likely to be responsiblefor an increase of cases
of infectious disease,increased testing
or reopening gyms; malls;barbershops; bowling alleys;
massage parlors;and everyone's favorite
local tavern, O'Coughagin's?And, yet, the Trump
administration is committedto the lie that the coronavirus
has just disappearedwhen, in reality,
it never went awayand it is, in fact,
getting worse.Yesterday,
Pence published an op-edin The Wall Street Journal
titled…Yeah, that's because we're
not done with the first wave.That's like serving someone
an undercooked hamburgerand, while they're still
eating it, saying,"See?There's no diarrhea."There will be.There just isn't any yet.In fact we've failed miserably,compared to most other
developed nations.Look at this chart,
comparing our curveof confirmed cases
to the European Union.Or look at these curves,
from The New York Timesfor three European countries
that saw major outbreaksand have since suppressed
those outbreaksand bent their curves
all the way back down.Now, add in the United States.The U.S. is a plateau
and Italy, Spain, and Germanyall have downward slopes,proving something
I've long said –[ Posh accent ]
The skiing is better in Europe.It just is.We should learn from them.Instead, our leaders
continue to politicizeeven basic measures
that we know could stemthe spread of the virus,
like mask wearing.Trump and Pence
have turned mask wearinginto a dumb conservative
culture war issueby repeatedly refusing
to wear one in public.And Pence did it again
during a tripto a restaurant
in Iowa on Tuesday.Dude, just be polite
and wear the mask.Why do you have to be
such a dick about everything?You think you're gonna
look stupid with a mask?The world can still go on,even if we can't see
your dumb little hyphen mouth.If you put a blank piece
of paper over your face,no one would know
the difference.You already have
resting mask face.In fact, Trump seems intent
on making the situation worseby holding a giant indoor
rally on Saturday in Tulsa,a hot spot where cases
are spikingand where the director
of the Tulsa Health Departmenthas said he wishes Trump
would postpone the rally.Trump nonetheless
doubled down on Twitter.-The president reacted
to that notion on Twitterand he rejects it, saying…-You don't have to tell us
you're immune to shame.We're familiar with your work.It is clear to all of us
that you have tested positivefor shame antibodies.Also don't compare a giant
indoor rally to a protest.There's a huge difference
between an outdoor gatheringwhere everyone's wearing a maskand an indoor campaign rally/
mosh pitin an arena
with limited ventilation,where everyone's cheek-to-cheek,
chanting "Build that wall."Also, no one is less
of an essential workerthan a Trump rally attendee.You've been chanting "Build
that wall" for five years.Nada. So, Trump is both
malevolent and dumb.Hollywood has done us
a real disservice,trying to convince us that
evil people are all geniuses.They're always suave
and well-spoken.A lot of them have PhDs –Dr. No, Dr. Doom,Dr. Octopus.All Trump has is
a master's degreein copying off the kid
in front of him.Not only does he not know
how coronavirus testing works,he doesn't even know
how his own industry,real estate, works.Here he is at a roundtable
event last week,describing how — I guess? –some buildings are nicer
and also cheaper than others.-Sometimes you'll see
a building that cost less moneythan another building
that cost morebecause the one that built
the one that cost more,this one looks better.The one that's cheaper,
it looks better.They say, "How much more did you
spend for that building?"Actually, we spent less.You can do that.It's called you have to know
what you're doing.-He sounds like
a New York City tour guidewho forgot his notecards.[ As Trump ]
Uh, interesting fact.Sometimes, uh, you'll see
a building that, uh,you know, cost less money
than another buildingbecause, you know,
the one that builtthe one that cost more,
this one's cheaper and, uh –Whah! M&M's store.He's like a dumber version
of the kid from Jerry Maguire."Did you know that
sometimes buildingsthat cost less look nicer?"Of course, the core
of what he was saying was,if you make a cheap thing
look nice, people will pay moreand, by the time
they realize it's cheap,you have their money and it's
too late to do anything.Trump-style!The only — the only —
smart moveTrump ever made as a builderwas giving Trump Tower
an escalator, instead of a ramp.The course of history
would've been very differentif that had been a ramp.[ Hushed ]
We are waiting on Donald Trump,who is expected to announce
his bid for the presidency.And here he is now,at the top of the famous
Trump Tower ramp,heading down — fairly gingerly.And, oh, looks like
he's picking up some speedand, based on his expression,
that was not part of the plan.Oh! You can really see
the whiteness of his knucklesas they grasp helplessly
at the railing.Oh, he's down!He's down and he has taken
Melania with himand I do not speak Slovenian,
but those have –those just have
to be curse words.If you are just now
joining us, Donald Trump,expected to announce
a presidential run,has eaten it hard on the ramp.Trump's brain is only capable
of thinking in transactions.His only interest,
in any situation,is what's in it for him.
That's why he wisheshe could just stop testing
for coronavirus.We've seen it time
and time again.For example, Trump's ex-National
Security Advisor John Bolton,who courageously hid
behind his mustache,rather than testify
in Trump's impeachment trial,has alleged,
in a new tell-all book,that, not only did Trump seekto leverage aid to Ukraine
to help his reelection bid,but that Trump did similar
stuff all the time.-Another former aide is taking
aim at President Trump.John Bolton, who served
as national security advisor,says, in a new book, the
president was concerned onlywith getting reelected
and that misconductin his foreign policy
went beyond Ukraine.-The book, which is titled"The Room Where It Happened:
a White House Memoir,"was slated to come out
next week.The publisher says
the book is…-What's the opposite of bein'
so shocked, you spit out water?Donald Trump is only drivenby self-interest?![ Gulp ]And thanks for tellin' us now.I mean, that's information that
would've been way more helpfulto us six months ago,
during the impeachment trial.You're like a guy who sees
his neighbor's house on fireand, instead of callin' 911,
writes a book called…"Bob, I wrote a book
about your house bein' on fire.I would love to send it
to you, but, you know,the house burned down.
So where are you guys now?A hotel?"There's no one —
no one — to root forin a Trump vs. Bolton fight.They're both
megalomaniac sociopathslookin' out for themselves.It's a real
Alien vs. Predator situation,except all you need
to do to stop Alien Trumpis install a ramp.He's getting
closer!He's getting closer!Oh, he's slowing down.
Oh, he's slowing down.Okay, slowing way down.Alright. You know what?
I think we're good.I think we're good
to move around our spaceshipas we did before this
alien infestation.The president and his team
are lyingabout the ongoing
coronavirus pandemicin an attempt to cover it up
and pretend it's over when,in reality, it's getting worse.The pandemic has laid barethe weaknesses
of our institutionsand proven, once again, that,in order to be president,
at the very least…-You have to know
what you're doing.-This has been "A Closer Look."As New York struggles to reopen,remember that we're still
a city in crisisand City Harvest has beenstepping up to meet
the increased need.If you're watching this online,
you can hit the Donate button.Stay safe. Wash your hands.
We love you.

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