Das Coronavirus Kindern einfach erklärt

In diesem Video, das sich speziell an Kinder richtet, erklären wir euch leicht verständlich, was das Coronavirus überhaupt ist, was es tut und wie ihr euch vor ihm schützen könnt.

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This is me.This is Corona.You cannot see Corona.Corona is so small you cannot see it without a microscope.This is what Corona looks like.It is a tiny virus.It can make people get ill.If someone with Corona sneezes or shakes hands wih someone else,Corona can jump and land on other, healthy people.It can enter their body through the mouth, nose or eyes.Inside the body, Corona can multiply. Kids then get a high temperature and a cough.Old people, like grandmas and grandpas, can get very ill.I want to stay healthy, so I'm staying at home more often nowto make sure Corona cannot land on my body.I talk to my family on the phonebut I don't see my friends from kindergarten or school now.My parents also spend more time at home, so they stay healthy, too.We don't go on our family trip this weekend – we can do that later.Now I have lots of time to play with my toys, to read or study.When I am not at home, I am really careful not to let Corona get into my body.I wash my hands more often, and really well, with soap and warm water.This way Corona cannot stay on my hands.And I am careful not to touch my face when it is not necessary.When I meet someone, I smile and say "Hi", but I don't shake their handbecause Corona likes to sit on hands.When I am with lots of people, I try to keep my distance.Corona cannot jump far.My friend Lisa has already fallen ill with Corona.She has to stay at home now. This is called "quarantine".I have talked to her on the phone. She says she doesn't feel too bad, and she will soon be OK again.We all take care not to let Corona into our body. This way, Corona will soon be gone.And then we do things just like before.YIPEE!!!

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