Weekend Update Home Edition: Jeanine Pirro on Coronavirus Lockdown Protests – SNL

Jeannine Pirro (Cecily Strong) calls into Weekend Update via Zoom to discuss the protests against the coronavirus lockdowns.


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stronger as we speak
>>> protests against the
lockdowns have continued instates like michigan and
here to comment from her home isfox news personality,
jeanine pirro.
>> good evening, colinI hope you'll forgive me, I had
to do my own makeup while
looking into a spoon>> yeah, jeanine, are you okay
>> I'm perfectly fine.
Although I'll admit that it'sbeen tough for all of us
for what seems like forever,
I've been sitting at home,drinking and complaining to
whoever would listen
then this whole coronavirusthing happened
>> what do you think is going on
with this virus?>> there are so many theories.
Some say the sun kills it.
Some say it can be cured withthe miracle drug,
right now, there's a group ofpatriots in michigan who believe
you can kill the virus by
shooting it with an ar-15.It's smart and I support it.
>> jeanine, I have to ask, have
you been drinking?>> not much.
I'm just having a little of this
boxed wine>> well, I guess clearly you
think it's time to reopen the
country.>> of course it is
>> oh, my god, did you change?
>> and this magnificentpresident is the one to lead the
oh, have you seen him up thereduring these press conferences
oh, mama
I just want to hide inside a12-piece bucket of chicken and
let him eat me alive
>> I'm sorry, are you havingtrouble with the zoom?
>> you're young.
Tell me, is your computersupposed to say please stop
>> I don't think so.No
I'm sorry, you're hoping we can
just open up and take ourchances?
We lost you again.
>> that's the plan, kemosabe>> oh, my god.
Where are you?
>> never mind.This economy is a bullet train
and it doesn't stop for the
weakso buy a ticket or get the hell
out of the way
toot-toot!>> oh, my god.
Jeanine, what are you drinking
now?>> oh, this, it's called a pina
It's pineapple juice, coconutmilk, and a half cup of bleach
and not the bottom shelf kind
that they use on truck stoptoilets.
The good stuff
ooh, that's cleansing.I can feel it in my chest.
>> jeanine, I hope you know that
drinking bleach could kill you>> what?
>> how did you do that
>> I live in the upside-down>> damn it
jeanine pirro, everyone.
Oh, my godfor "weekend update," I'm
colin jost
>> and I'm michael che>> damn it

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