Obama Speaks Out About Trump’s Coronavirus Failures: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the president trying to distract from his own poor job performance by calling for Barack Obama to be investigated for a made-up scandal he can’t even define.

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Obama Speaks Out About Trump’s Coronavirus Failures: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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-Hello, everyone,
and welcome back to the attic.I want to take a quick second
to address somethingthat was pointed out to me
over the weekend.According to some
eagle-eyed Internet sleuths,the title of my trusted copy
of "The Thorn Birds" changedover the course
of "A Closer Look."Obviously the last thing
we want is for any book nonsenseto distract from the content
of "A Look."So to make sure it doesn't
happen this week,I will be placing a book
on top of my copyof "The Thorn Birds"
to keep it in place,and that right there should be
the end of that.Also I want to note that it has
now been 70 dayssince my last haircut, and while
it looks tame enough now,I assure you that
over the weekend,this thing is a hot mess.So thank God for Monday
and a reason to comb it.Speaking of hot messes,
segue, it's clear.The president desperately wants
to pretend the coronaviruswill just go away, and now
he's trying to distractfrom his own
poor job performanceby calling for his predecessor
to be investigatedfor a made-up scandal
he can't even define.For more on this, it's time
for "A Closer Look."One of the most frustrating
parts of this pandemichas been watching countries
around the world from Australiato Iceland to Taiwan
to New Zealandsuccessfully suppress
their outbreakswith competent leadershipand slowly begin to safely
reopen their economies.Meanwhile, we have a president
who won't even wear a maskat a mask-distribution facilitywhile surrounded by people
wearing masks.Oh, sure, when he was trying to
get everyone excited about coal,he happily put on
a miner's helmet.But at a time when experts are
begging people to wear masks,he stands there like a science
experiment being unveiledby a bunch of doctors
at a conference.As you can see, we successfully
implanted the brain of a pigeoninto a giant potato
and then sewed on some limbsand shocked it with electricity
until it came to life.So, you know,
still working out some kinks.Dude, seriously,
just wear a mask.I promise it won't make you
look less presidentialbecause there's no way
you could lookless presidential
than you do now.Do you think we're going to be
bummed out to be deprivedof this part of the face?Not only have many countries
suppressed their outbreaks,they've also avoided the
worst-case economic scenarios.Meanwhile here in the U.S.we now account for 30%
of the world's casesdespite having less than 5%
of the world's population.36 million people
are out of work.We have the highest unemployment
rate since the Great Depression.And last week the Fed reported
that a staggering40% of households
making $40,000 or lesslost their jobs in March,or as the president
put it last week…-We have met the moment
and we have prevailed.-Mr. President, you said in
your comments earlier,"we have met the moment,
we have prevailed."To you, sir, is the mission
accomplished?Even with 1.4 million —
-No, we've prevailed on testingis what I was referring to.
That was with regard to testing.-[ As Trump ] Sorry,
I read that wrong.I didn't mean to say
"prevailed."I meant to say "pre-failed."We failed before we even knew
what we were failing at.That's vision.[ Normal voice ] You can't make
a big statement like"We've prevailed," then say
it's just on testing.It's like if George W. Bush's
infamous banner had an asteriskthat said "Mission Accomplished,
specifically the missionof printing and hanging
this banner."Also, we have not prevailed
on testing.I mean, it's good that
we're ramping up testing now,but we needed it
three months ago.Bragging about testing now
is like showing up to a housethat already burned down
and offering to water the grass.Other countries are putting
in place rigorous programsof testing, contact tracing,
and isolating cases.That's why they've been ableto slowly reopen
and avoid the worst.We've fallen behind not just
countries like South Korea,Australia, and Germany, but
others you might not expect.-This is what the graph looks
like for the U.S.You see a sharp rise in casesthat hasn't really tapered off
yet, right?It's trending down.But to put that in context,
that curve you see there,here's how some other places
are doing.The first group
is the countries that appearto have successfully suppressed
transmission of the disease.That curve has
come all the way downso that they are barely
registering any new cases.We have Andorra, Australia,
Austria, Bhutan, Cambodia,China, Croatia, Cuba, Djibouti,Estonia, Greece, Iceland,Jamaica, Jordan, Kosovo,Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein,Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,Mauritius, Monaco, Montenegro,New Zealand, Slovakia, Slovenia,South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,Tunisia, and finally, Vietnam.-We're worse than Liechtenstein,
Slovakia, and Latvia.I don't even know enough about
those countries to make a joke.I'll just assume everyone there
is named Gustavand they chug Fanta
while riding mopeds?Let us know if we got close.We even did worse than Bhutan.Just a side note here
about Bhutan –What's up with their graph?Everyone else has a nice
bell curve,and their chart looks like the
opening credits of "Frasier."I guess Bhutan figured out that
the cure for coronavirus is… Tossed salads
and scrambled eggs No, you're doing a show
in your attic!Anyway, the point is,
there are lots of countriesthat have suppressed
their outbreaks.And now some of them
are safely reopeningin ways that are still
far off for us.Like Germany, where professional
soccer returned this weekend,although with a slight twist.-Germany could help provide
the playbookfor the future of sports
in the United States.Today, the Bundesliga will make
a return to the soccer field.It's the first major sports
league in the world,along with Korean baseball,to return during
the coronavirus pandemic.The move comes as Germany
eases nationwide restrictionsafter seeing a drop
in new cases.-Cheers like these will also
fade away, along with fans,banned for the rest
of the season.Still, there will be some fans
in the standswith supporters paying to have
cardboard cutouts of themselvessitting in the stadiums.-That's right, German soccer
fans are paying to havecardboard cutouts of themselves
in the stands.It's such a German solution,because it's so much more
efficientthan actually going to a game
yourself.[ German accent ]
Sport is merely a diversionfrom the ceaseless
march of time.[ Normal voice ] Angela Merkel
is going to start doing thatfor meetings with Trump.[ As Trump ] You've been
a lot more amenable today.I like the new Angela.[ Normal voice ]
Also, true story, side note,for mother's day,
my brother sent my moma cardboard cutout of himself.Oh, my God,
look how happy she is.An incredibly thoughtful giftthat made my gift of flowers
with a note pale in comparison.I don't have a photo to show youbecause she didn't take
one of that.And to my brother,
I would just like to say,pandemics are not the time
to curry favor with Mom,to which I'm sure he would say,even in non-pandemic times,
I get thoughtful gifts,and you don't,
to which I would say,"Bud, I would love to have
this conversation,but I got to get back
to my "Look."Now, obviously
there are lots of factors,and those countries are all
very different,but at least some
of those countrieshave made strides in part
due to a national strategyof widespread testing,tracing the contacts
of positive cases,and isolating those cases.Meanwhile, our president doesn't
even think testing works.-We've been doing testing
at a levelthat nobody's ever done it
before.We have the best testing
in the world.Could be the testing is,
frankly, uh, overrated.Maybe it is overrated.But whenever they start yelling,
"We want more, we want more,"you know, they always say,
"We want more, we want more,"'cause they don't want
to give you credit.Don't forget, we have more cases
than anybody in the world.But why?
Because we do more testing.When you test, you have a case.When you test, you find
something is wrong with people.If we didn't do any testing,
we would have very few cases.-That doesn't mean the cases
would magically go away.They would still be there.You just wouldn't know about
them.If the Olympics stopped
drug testing people,there would be fewer positives,
but a lot more cyclistswho looked like Dolph Lundgren,
which might not be terrible.This is clearly a theme
for Trump.He would much rather the U.S.
just stopped testing peopleso we could pretend
we don't have any cases.For example, when a West Wing
aide tested positivefor coronavirus earlier
this month,Trump said it somehow proved
his theorythat testing isn't important.-She tested, uh, very good
for a long period of time,and then, all of a sudden,
today she tested positive.So, uh, she tested positive
out of the blue.This is why the whole concept of
tests aren't necessarily great.The tests are perfect.But something can happen
between a testwhere it's good and then
something happens,and all of a sudden,
she was tested very recentlyand tested negative,
and then today, I guess,for some reason,
she tested positive.-Oh, he's so close
to getting it.Sometimes it feels like
we as a nationare helping the dumbest kid
in schoolwith his science homework.[ As Trump ]
She tested negative every time.[ Normal voice ]
Yes, yes, yes, good, go on.[ As Trump ]
Then today, she tested positive.[ Normal voice ] Ah, yes,
yes, yes. Which means…?[ As Trump ]
Well, something changed.[ Normal voice ]
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.Now, what changed?[ As Trump ] I don't know.[ Normal voice ]
She has the virus!That's what changed.
She has the virus now.He thinks the problem
with testingis that you can test negative,meaning you don't have
coronavirus,then one day, you test positive
because you caught coronavirus.[ As Trump ]
Smoke detectors are useless.They'll be quiet for years,
and then you finally feelsafe enough to leave a candle
on top of a mattress,and they just start beeping
like crazy.It's clear that Trump would much
rather simply pretendcoronavirus no longer exists
and go about doingall the other president stuff
he used to do on Friday,for example,
as the U.S. death tollclimbed to 88,000,
Trump took time out of his dayto commission a new flag for his
pet project, the space force.-So today we're here for
a very important –it's really an important
occasionbecause we're unfurling
the flag.So, why don't we go ahead
and do it?Let's do it, yes, please.
-Thank you.[ Camera shutters clicking ][ Indistinct conversations ]-Look at that goon grinning
from ear to ear.He hasn't been that happy since
Prime had a two-for-one dealon gold toilets.I mean, compare that face
to the face he made the nighthe found out he was going
to be president.I would say he looks like
he just saw a ghost,but it was probably the one
he brought with him.So amid all of this,
former President Obamadecided to offer some
rare public criticismduring two virtual commencement
addresses over the weekend.Say what you will about him,he certainly had his flaws
as president,but it was so comforting
just to hear a politiciancapable of showing empathy
and compassionand talking in
coherent sentences.-This pandemic has fully,
finally torn back the curtainon the idea that so many
of the folks in chargeknow what they're doing.A lot of them aren't even
pretending to be in charge.And all those adults that
used to think were in chargeand knew what they were doing,turns out they don't have
all the answers.A lot of them aren't even asking
the right questions.Our society and our democracy
only workwhen we think not just about
ourselves, but about each other.Doing what feels good,
what's convenient, what's easy,that's how little kids think.Unfortunately a lot
of so-called grown-ups,including some with fancy titles
and important jobs,still think that way, which is
why things are so screwed up.-It's both revealing an
d depressing that when Obamatalks about grown-ups behaving
like little children,we all know exactly
who he's talking about.I mean, there's no mystery.
Even Trump knows.It's not like his aides
went to him and said,"Sir, he was talking about you,
and Trump said,[ As Trump ] "Moi? But I was
just sitting here drawinga new logo for the space force.
Adult stuff.I think we can all agree,
adult stuff."Also I appreciate that Obama
did this, I really do,but as he himself acknowledged,
isn't like one of the upsides,maybe the only upside of having
your graduation canceledthat you don't have to sit
through a long boring speech?I mean, don't get me wrong,
Obama is a great speaker,but instead of giving a speech,
maybe he could have hosteda game of virtual beer pong.[ As Obama ] That's two.
Two in a row. I get a rollback.Hey, there was too much space
between those cups.I want a re-rack.Better tighten that [bleep] up.Tighten it up.Obama's reemergence comes as
Trump pushes a totally deranged,made-up scandal
that even he can't define,but which he's already namedin an attempt to distract
from coronavirus.And that dumb name has already
been parroted by the media.-President Trump has escalated
his attacks on his predecessor,taking to Twitter,
adopting the term "Obamagate,"hashtagging it.-President trump calls it
-Obamagate.-Stop trying to make
Obamagate happen.It's not a thing.Just because the president
makes up a worddoesn't mean we all have to
take it seriously.Every day Trump just tweets the
word "Obamagate" in all caps.There's a good chance it's his
twitter passwordand he doesn't realize
he's already logged in.It doesn't even make sense
as a scandal name.Obamagate sounds like something
in a sci-fi moviethat we all have to walk through
to restore the correct timeline.The guy from "Apprentice"
is president,and the only basketball on TVis 25-year-old Jordan
highlights!We have to find the Obamagate!Trump is so lazy, he can't evencome up with a more specific
scandal name.It's like the boss who sees you
wearing a hat one day and says,[ As Trump ]
"What's up, hat guy?"[ Normal voice ] So the death
toll in the U.S. is over 88,000and unemployment
is at its highestsince the Great Depression
and the president is accusinghis predecessor
of a made-up crime,and yet the sociopaths
on the rightlike former Bush adviser
Karl Rove, you know,the guy who looks like you put
glasses on a moldy kumquat,are more concernedwith Obama's mild, indirect
criticism of Trump.-It is so unseemly
for a former Presidentto take the virtual commencement
ceremony for a seriesof, uh, historically black
colleges and universitiesand turn it into a political
drive-by shooting.-Okay, I know we've all lost
track of time in quarantine,but Karl Rove being
a gross [bleep] on Fox Newsto get a president re-elected,
is this 2004?We went back too far!We gotta go through
the Obamagate again!The president is just deeply
incapable ofand uninterested
in doing his job.He clearly wishes
he could just pretendthe coronavirus pandemic
was over,and to distract from it,
he's peddling a made-up scandalabout his predecessor that
even he can't explain.That's Trump's one skill –his ability to exploit
the media's weaknesses.From birtherism to Obamagate,whenever he concocts some
deranged new conspiracy theory,the media responds by saying…
-We want more, we want more.-This has been "A Closer Look."During the COVID crisis,City Harvest has been stepping
up to rescue and delivermore food to meet the increased
need in New York City.If you're watching this online,
you can hit the "Donate" button.Stay safe, wash your hands,
we love you.

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