Go On, Git: Donald Trump Downplaying the Coronavirus

Jimmy takes a moment to put some things out to pasture, like the Supreme Court Justices who voted against protections for LGBTQ people in the workplace.

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Go On, Git: Donald Trump Downplaying the Coronavirus


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Go on, git -Go on, git,
couple where one personwears the mask
and not the other.How the hell
you think this thing work?You think coronavirus
is gonna look at you and say,"You guys seem like
a nice couple,so I'm gonna let you guys pass."Hell no!
That's not the way it works.So, why don't you go on, git.But make sure
it's 6 feet apart.Git.Go on, git, Supreme Court
Justices who voted againstprotecting LGBTQ rights
in the workplace.Well, it takes a lot of guts
coming from someonewho's got the one job
in the countryyou can't get fired from.I hereby sentence you
to two counts of go on,and one count git!Go on, git, this new HBOsI don't even know
if I have or not.I've been a subscriber
for so many years,this hurt my dang brain.What do I even have now?
HBO Regular?HBO Yes?
HBO No? HBO Maybe?How about this one?
This is a good idea.HB-Go on, git!Go on, git, Donald Trump
downplaying the coronavirus.Don't you see?That's exactly what the global
pandemic wants us to do.Lay low, and then git us when
we're least expecting it.It's like the guy
in the scary movie that's like,"Oh, don't worry
about that noise.It's probably nothing."Then he pulls off his glove,
but he got a lobster clawwhere the hand ought to be.And it's ol' lobster claw coming
back for his midnight snack!That reminds me, I've got a
great idea for a scary movie.It's called "Go on, git!"Git!Go on, git, trying to get
the rest of the peanut butterthat's stuck
at the bottom of the jar.It's dang near impossible.Here's an idea,
and because I'm a nice guy,I'm gonna give it to you
for free.Put a lid on the bottom
of the jar, too.Bingo!
Problem solved,you Peter Pan-loving dingbats.Now git!Go on, git!Go on, git, autotune. You make everyone
sound like a robot And it's got to stop So git![ Yawns ]Git!Go on, git, 2020.We know
we ain't even at halftime,but with all
that's happened so far,I think it's best
we call an audible.Get off the field
and hit the showers.Or to put it another way,
clear eyes, full hearts,go on, git!Ah [bleep] me.Git!

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