Weekend Update: President Trump Gives Coronavirus Update – SNL

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) calls into Weekend Update to give the latest information and answer questions about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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[ laughter ]
a lot of americans have been
watching president trump's dailypress conferences, calling into
our show right now
this is very exciting, for anofficial update on the pandemic,
is president donald trump.
[ cheers ]>> thank you so much for joining
us, mr. President.
So, what's the latest with thevirus?
>> well, I'm happy to report,
colin, that america is nownumber one in the world for
[ laughter ]– number one while I was
>> you seem almost excited about
it>> well, my approval rating is
up, my tv ratings are through
the roofand every night at 7:00 p.M. All
of new york claps and cheers for
the great job I'm doing.[ laughter ]
>> yeah, I don't know if that's
for you, man>> you're wrong, lebron.
You're wrong
[ laughter ]I'll be honest, this virus, this
cofeffe 19 is really a trip.
[ laughter ]>> what exactly is your advice
because it seems to change every
24 hours>> that's a nasty question
you're very nasty.
I've been consistent all alongI've always said it was a giant
hoax that we should take
seriously, even though it wasinvented by the democrats.
Impeach me or to
so, everyone needs to wash theirhands or not
[ laughter ]
>> I was wondering, where areyou getting most of your advice
for this
>> we have to listen to theexperts on this one.
Me, hannity, jared kushner, and
mike lindell from mypillow[ laughter ]
all the experts agree, we need
to wear masks.>> right, right.
Sir, are you wearing a mask?
>> that's a nasty question,okay
[ laughter ]
no, I am notlast time I wore a mask, I hot
boxed myself and passed out.
[ laughter ]and I can't wear a mask in my
tanning bed or when I take it
off, I'd be dark up top with awhite circle around my mouth,
like a reverse homer simpson
[ laughter ]>> I did notice that you've
stopped referring to it as the
chinese virus.>> that's right, colin
I had to turn down the ethnic
slurs after I discovered thateverything we need to survive
the virus is made in gina, okay?
[ laughter ]wanna hear some of the other
names we workshopped
>> oh, I would love to,mr. President.
[ laughter ]
>> okay, we had chinese flu.Then, of course, hong kong
And then, crouching tiger hiddensymptoms
or wang chung lung
and then there's general tso'srevenge.
[ laughter ]
stephen miller came up withyellow fever, but that's already
a thing.
It's when a white dude is hornyfor an asian chick
[ laughter ]
>> all right, well, it'sprobably better, sir, that you
backed off
some people are saying that nowyou seem more presidential than
you ever have.
>> well, in times like this, weneed to come together as one
because no matter ourdifferences, all americans can
agree on one thing,
carole baskins definitely fedher husband to those tigers.
[ laughter ]
I am proud to announce, trumpexotic 2020.
[ laughter ]
mike pence had to find out thisway.
But, I have a feeling, pence is
going to be pretty intojoe exotic
[ laughter ]
>> thank you very muchpresident trump, everyone.
[ cheers and applause
>> all the absentee ballots arecovered in coronavirus
happy easter, everybody.
[ laughter ]

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