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– Tonight, I can report the
sky is absolutely falling,we are all doomed, the end is near,the apocalypse is immanent,
and you're going to all die.Or at least that's what the media mobwould like you to think.(dynamic music)- I'm dead right on this.The coronavirus is the common cold, folks,the type of this thing as a pandemic,as the Andromeda strain,as, "Oh my God, if you
get it, you're dead."- This is one of those cases where,the more I learn about coronavirus,the less concerned I am.There's a lot of hyperbole.- The national left-wing mediaplaying up fears of the coronavirus.- The sky is falling because
we have a few dozen casesof coronavirus on a cruise ship?I am far more concerned with steppingon a used heroin needle than I amgetting the coronavirus,
but maybe that's just me.- It's a virus!Like the flu.All the talk about coronavirus
being so much more deadlydoesn't reflect reality.- This virus should be
compared to the flu,'cause at worst, at worst,
worst-case scenario,it could be the flu.- The far more deadly, more
lethal threat right nowis not the coronavirus;
it's the ordinary old flu.People are dying right now.
– The flu is here, everywhere.- Nobody has died yet
in the United States,as far as we know, from this disease.- That's right.- And the facts are
actually pretty reassuring,but you'd never know it,
watchin' all this stuff.- You wanna know how I really feelabout the coronavirus, Juan?If I get it, I'll beat it.I'm not afraid of the coronavirus,and no one else should
be that afraid either.- It is very, very difficult
to contract this virus.- It's milder than we thought.The fatality rate is gonna drop.- So when you hear the context,
it's not quite as scary.- It's actually the safest time to fly.Everyone I know that's flying right now,terminals are pretty much dead.And then the planes–Remember back in the day when
you had a seat next to youpossibly empty, you could
stretch out a little more?It's like that on every flight now.- One of the things you
can do, if you're healthy,you and your family, it's a great timeto just go out and go
to a local restaurant.Likely you can get in easily.- [Reporter] Republican
congressman Matt Gaetzmocked concerns about
the spread of the virusby wearing a gas mask on Capitol Hill.- [Reporter] When a
reporter in the Capitolasked Senator James
Inhofe of Oklahoma, 85,what precautions he was taking,he extended his arm with
confidence: "Wanna shake hands?"- In our line of work, you shake hands.I expect the President
will continue to do that.I'll continue to do it.- We have contained this.We have contained this.I won't say airtight, but
pretty close to airtight.- It is being contained.And do you not think it's being contained?- Zero people in the
United States of Americahave died from the coronavirus.Zero.- This is a flu.This is like a flu.It's going to disappear one day.It's like a miracle, it will disappear.I felt it was pandemic long
before it was called a pandemic.I took it very seriously.- By the way, this
program has always takenthe coronavirus seriously.(dynamic music)

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