How Japan is Fighting Coronavirus

How Japan is fighting the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic in Tokyo and throughout Japan during the declared Japan State of Emergency. This Japan Coronavirus update reviews what life is like in Japan and how Japan is dealing with the current corona virus situation including Japan prime minister Abe’s mask policy also known as abenomask policy, japan economic stimulus, japan salary subsidies, etc. Also, we take a look out how Japan is dealing with coronavirus to help prevent the spread of covid 19. A Japan State of Emergency has been declared but there is no official Japan lockdown or no official Tokyo lockdown. Basically, the government can only recommend people to stay in and residents are still able to come and go as they please.

I hope that everyone and their family is staying safe during this time. Let me know if you want to see more of Japan Coronavirus News Updates by hitting that like button.

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In this video, I'm gonna share with youhow Japan is fighting the coronavirus pandemic.So I'm back doing another video on the coronavirusas many of you requested on the previous videohow life has changed in Tokyo due to the coronavirusand again if we hit another 20,000 likes in this video,I'll continue on with the updates,so just let me know by hitting that like button.Also, before I continue I'm hoping you and your familyare staying safe during this time, and althoughTokyo and all of Japan is not an official lockdown,you can see that I'm staying homeIn fact, Maiko and I are trying to stay homeas mush as possible during these days,especially since we have a baby on the way.And it is probably worth mentioning thatsome of the footage in this videowasn't actually taken by meI've actually asked some of my friendswho are normally commuting to work during these daysor going to the grocery store, etcto take some footage for meduring the regular commuteso that I can show you guys what's actually going onhere in Tokyo.So some of the footage may not be as clear or stable,but that's just how it isThis is the best I can do so I apologize for that.So first of all, let's talk about the current situationhere in Japan.Today is April 30th, So as of April 16th,Japan officially declared a state of emergency,but like I said earlier none of the cities in Japanare officially on lockdownIncluding Tokyo,which means that residents are still free to come and goas they please.Despite this, japan's state of emergencywhich was already extended until after Golden Week toMay 6th is nowexpected to be extended until the end of May or evenearly June and very much of Japan is still closed downSo schools are still shut downalong with many department stores and evenamusement areas like museums and Disneylandand even professional sports.Some restaurants are still open but are limiting hoursto the middle of the dayand some are just limiting it to takeoutBasically, the government is recommending thatnon-essential businesses closed downduring this pandemicbut by law, they can't actually force any businessesto close only strongly recommend it.Also, many people these days are working from home if they can and other businesses have closed down completelyBut there are some companies that are still operating as normal and if you look around there's definitely less people on the streetsHere's some video of shibuya scramble crossing from the last few daysAnd this is footage of shibuya scramble crossing in my firstcoronavirus video and here's footage of how did you go to gauge the street during that video as well andHere's recent footage of itNow the number of people that you see on the streets have definitely reduced since just several weeks ago alsobecause a lot of people aren't going to work or working from home or not going out to go eat or go toRestaurants you can see that there's a lot less people on the trains these daysWhat's nice though is that they're actually opening the windows to help circulate the air and luckily all the supermarkets are restocksThere's plenty of food on the aisles. There's me there's vegetables and there's even toilet paperThere was a little bit of a scare on supplies for about a weekBut after that things kind of got restocked and people stopped running and there was no more panic buying and manysupermarkets and convenience stores have set up plastic sheets at the registers to help prevent the spread and many of those places haveAlso set up a social distancing markers for their lines. So that's pretty much where we are currently in Japan at the momentI would say in general a lot of people are staying home, but you do still have outliers people that are not following recommendationsThey're not staying home and they are going out but because of Japanese law, it's really difficult to mandate people to stay homeSo Japan relies heavily on people to cooperate and follow recommendations, and I don't know maybe it is workingMaybe it's not but Tokyo just reported only 72 cases this last SundayWhich is the lowest recorded?Since April 1st that said only time will tell whether or not Japan is doing the right thingBut in this video I kind of wanted to dig a little bit deeper and share with you guys how Japan is fighting the corona?virus pandemicOh and while I'm sharing this list with youLet me know if you agree with what Japan is doing and how it compares to your country. So first Japan's stimulus packageSo Japan has launched a one trillion dollarCoronavirus stimulus package, which means they're gonna distribute a hundred thousand yen each residentWhich is about nine hundred and thirty two dollarsit applies to anyone who is resided in Japan for the last three months and is registered as aBasic resident here in Japan so you don't actually need to be a Japanese citizen to receive the handoutAlso the residents current income or financial status doesn't matter. Number two. Japan is working on a program to subsidize100% of salaries at small businessesDuring the pandemic which basically means that all employees working for small businesses who have closed downduring the pandemic will still receive 100% of their salaries while up until now laid off workers receive a60% of their salaries meaning that the government would throw in an extra 40 percent to take care of these workers during the pandemicBasically this program covers a three million small businesses and ten million employees all throughout Japan number threeJapan is handing out two masks per household. So as you may already know from my previous coronavirus video. Japan has alwaysencouraged wearing masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirusIn fact wearing masks in Japan to prevent the spread of illness has been part of Japanese culture even before this entire pandemicUnfortunately these daysmaster and short supply in JapanIt's really difficult to find them at drug stores convenience stores and even supermarkets in response to thisThe Japanese government has decided to distribute twowashable cloth mass per household saying that they're gonna distribute the masks first two places whereCoronavirus is on the riseYou can see here the Prime Minister wearing the very mass that they're distributingAnd here's the actual mass that have been delivered to someone's housesome people have complained that the masks are too small while others saying that too is not enough per household number forJapan is starting to move some production out of China. So a consumer product makerIris-sama is said to be the first Japanese company to receive a government subsidyBasically, Japan wants a ship production out of China to build a stronger and more resilient supply chain here in Japan and the goal150 million mass per month by August and 5 local companies helping out for exampleWhich handles rental housing and other facilities is providing free housingbasicallythey've leased 200 rooms around Japan to provide to people who have lost their homes and during the pandemic andThey're lending the rooms all free of charge until the end of December2020 so that's the list for nowLet me know in the comments if you agree with what Japan is doing to fight against the corona virus pandemic alsoLet me know whether or not you think they're doing enough and how it compares to your countryAnd again if you get 20,000 likes on this videoI'll do anotherfuture update if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily check out my Instagram account if you want to help support theChannel check out the hold my miso merch and if you want to see more videos like thisJapan guys or anything related to japan hit that subscribe button and the bell button and i'll catch you guys in the next one

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