Corona: uitgestorven stations in Nederland – EN WAT DOET NS? 10apr 2020

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On one of my previous movies I received a nice comment from "112 roblox en treinen met Jordan",here, and he says he made a short video for me.Well, I went to check his channel, and indeed, here is a video"How does Vincent from the channel Cabview Holland deal with his forgetfulness".And that is familiar to you, because I recently made a video about it myself.Apparently it was nice enough, or not,
to reenact that.Take a look.Okay, now we have arrived in Amersfoort
on track 43, the Zanderij as we call it.My hair looks good.There are always a few trainsets parked away.Instruction is given here on these tracks.A few weeks ago I made my first vlog video…It is pretty funny!I've already seen it, I was laughing out loud.And I definitely recommend you to watch this video as well.I'll include a link in the description of this
video.Dear fans and followers, welcome back to my
channel.Thank you for all your concerns about my health.Fortunately I'm okay – in terms of
corona then ..In the meantime, a remarkable situation has arisen in the Netherlands due to this virus.Also at the Dutch Railways, and it's about time that I am going to discuss this with you.So mask up, a meter and a half distance,
then we can depart!Restaurants are closed.Cafés are closed, hairdressing salons do not cut
anymore – luckily I have a private hairdresser- schools are closed, festivals have been canceled.Suddenly we have cough screens in supermarkets,
even in taxis.Toilet paper and canned food is massively hoarded.It is bizarre.Corona, a small virus ..A unique situation has now arisen
in the Netherlands and also at the Dutch Railwaysbecause we are also dealing with measures there.Trains are near empty. There are hardly any people at stations.Shops remain closed.And to show what a bizarre apocalyptic
atmosphere there is I made a videoabout Amersfoort Central station.At the same time it is also nice to see what my base station is.So besides listening to my story, don't forget to look at the footage.And in case you only watch this video in the 23rd century here is a short summaryof what was going on again.At the end of 2019, a coronavirus broke out in China,
and of the type COVID-19 to be precise.In a few months time, the whole world was bothered by this and I myself am quite skepticalabout all the measures and I am especially scared to see how an entire people can be madeso compliant in such a short time by a continuous stream of scarein the media.I believe that in the 30's of the 20th
century we have seen what youcan achieve with this exactly.Anyway, that's a completely different story.Worldwide, at the beginning of April, there are one and a half
million people infected with the virus.88 thousand people have died.For comparison, more than 17 million people live in the Netherlands.At the moment there are 22 thousand people
infected here and almost 2.5 thousand people have died.But what is it like at the railways?Well, at the NS we now drive with a special
basic timetable.This is based on a capacity of 35% of the usual passenger offer.That means far fewer trains which also means far fewer shifts andI have stayed at home a few times now. Reserve shifts, on call but at home.NS urges people only to use the train when it's their last option.In the beginning, especially on weekends, it was clear
that not everyone obeyed to that call.but now the train is almost completely
empty.Very special to enter a station during rush hour and only see a few peoplewhile it is normally extremely busy.NS does more in collaboration with Prorail
of course.On stations announcements are regularly made
that you have to keep a meter and a half distance between each otherRecently we added stickers on the station floors
that shows a circle with a radius ofone and a half meters is depicted.Hand gel and cleaning wipes have been distributed among the staff to clean the cabin.We touch all the buttons and handles with our hands ofcourse.Conductors don't need to walk trough the train anymore.They won't do service rounds and they won't ask for your ticket.They stay in one of the rear cabins.Close the doors from the outside.So that means when the door is closed
the conductor remains outsideand goes back in the train trough an exterior cabin door.At an ICM, if you drive with one couple
you only have one cabin door on one side.And if that happens to be the other side of it
the platform, the driver must therefore initiate the door closing procedureIn one of my next videos you will
see that too.At Rotterdam Alexander if I am right, you
can you hear me walking down the stairs of the ICM,whistling, closing doors and quickly sit again.Well, it is very strange to see how extinct
The Netherlands is at the moment and I hope everythingwill be back to normal as fast as possible.Because of course we now run on our financial
reserves.And not only us but many other companies
in the Netherlands, and I think the smaller the companythe more difficult it is.Our heroes, the people in crucial professions,
the nurses, all my train driver colleaguesand you name it, we are often called heroes.Indeed, people who work in healthcare and
in their ambulance rush to people in need of help.Hats off.Well, I hope you're all up to date with the current situation now.Don't travel by train if you really don't need to.Stay at home, watch Cabview Holland, Train Driver's
POV and also watch my latest videoson Hyperlapse Holland, where I test music
edited in the videos.So that is also a bit unique.Well, that was it for now.Stay healthy, be nice, and see you next

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