Most Purchased Items During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In times of crisis, people panic and rush to the stores, buying everything and anything left on the shelves. Let’s take a look at what panic buying has occurred so far in 2020. It seems like the toilet paper shortage will never end, but what are some other sought after items? Hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, canned food all make the list. Have you stocked up on any of the items in this video? Let us know in the comments!

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You’ve probably seen the videos of people
in long lines waiting to shop.Or perhaps stood in a long line yourself.In recent days, panicked shoppers in America
and several other countries have cleared storeshelves.So what are the most purchased items?What foods do we think still suck even in
the midst of a pandemic?In the US, when data analytics firms compared
dollar sales from the first two weeks of March2020 to the same period last year, there was
a huge rise in the purchasing of a numberof items.Let’s tackle the obvious one first, shall
we?Toilet paper.The purchase of toilet paper went up 60% in
the first week of March over the same timein 2019.By the end of the second week of March, toilet
paper purchase was up 212.7%.It’s a real head scratcher, in the majority
of Covid-19 cases, bowel problems have notbeen an issue.Yet for reasons unknown, some of us went wild,
panic buying enough toilet paper to last ayear.It’s like westerners decided that the dividing
line between civilization and falling intochaos was toilet paper.Don’t get us wrong, toilet paper is one
of the great inventions of mankind.Prior to toilet paper becoming commercially
available in 1857 and mainstream in the 1920’s,people used a wide variety of tools as bathroom
aid.It generally depended on how rich you were
or where you lived in the world.In colonial America they used corn cobs, moss
or whatever paper goods they got their handson.Beginning in 1792, a popular household book,
the Old Farmer's Almanac came with a holepunched in the upper left hand corner so you
could hang it on a string on a hook, to keepit handy anywhere you might need it.That included the outhouse where it was both
reading and butt cleaning material.Today, in some places toilet paper is a luxury,
you might use leaves, or your left hand anda bucket of water.In other places, toilet paper is wasteful
and unsanitary–bidets are preferred.What we’re trying to say is even if we do
run out of toilet paper–which is not likely,we’ll figure out other good solutions.We won’t revert to using tersoriums like
the ancient Romans.You don’t have to look it up, we’ll tell
you: a tersorium was a natural sponge–usuallyharvested from the Mediterranean–on the end
of a long stick.When not in use the tersorium was kept in
a pail of heavily salted sea water in thecommunal bathroom…yes, that means exactly
what you think it does–you shared the spongeon a stick with everyone who used the latrine.[NARRATOR: Clears throat]Anyway, back to the most purchased items during
a panic list.As you can guess, in mid March there was a
lot of buying aimed at combating the spreadof the virus:
Aerosol disinfectant was up 518.9% over lastyear as was:
Rubbing alcohol up 277%Multipurpose cleaners up 242.9% and bath & shower
wipes up 221.6%Does this mean that people are stocking up?Or is this a sign that people weren’t properly
disinfecting before viruses dominated thenews?Gross.Some people thought it prudent to have health
and medicine items on hand in case someonein their household got sick:Thermometers went up 497.7%
Cold & flu remedies up 158.8%Facial tissue up 195%
Cough remedies up 120.2% and vitamins up 93.2%While hand sanitizer sales were unusually
high the second week of March at a 207.5%increase over last year, they actually plummeted
since the first week of March 2020 when purchaseswere up 470%.The drop in quantity sold wasn’t due to
a lack of demand though, but from stores notbeing able to keep it stock.As for food, many households stocked up on
shelf stable staples many of which are commonlypurchased prior to hurricanes and blizzards.Bottled water purchases went up 99.4%
Powdered milk products were up 126.3%Dried beans up 230.5%
Canned meat up 187.8%Rice up 166.1%
Canned or packaged tuna went up 142.3% andsoup was up 126.6%
Oat milk continues to have a real moment,with purchases up a whopping 347.3%Quite a few people thought it was very important
to keep extra snacks on hand:Popcorn went up 47.7% over mid March 2019
as did:Pretzels at 46.7%
Potato chips at 29.6%Pastries at 23.6%
Ice cream at 23.1% and chocolate at 19%At the Infographics Institute we did some
social media analysis and also sent our leastfavorite intern to a nearby grocery store
for some eyewitness investigation.Based on our completely non scientific research:
Shoppers stocked up on liquor, all exceptfor one particular brand of beer which will
probably have to change its name in the future.Though perishable, milk, eggs, butter, cheese
and bread were also popular items that storessold out of quickly.Things eager shoppers left behind in ravaged
stores were: Manhattan clam chowder–yeah,the tomato based kind, pickled herring, chocolate
hummus, unsalted baked potato chips and refrigeratedspinach pasta.Frozen pineapple and ham pizza, frozen and
canned lima beans, vegan cheese and nonfatmilk were also left forlorn on shelves.Last but not least, data shows that shoppers
bought 17.7% less perfume and 17% less sunscreenthan mid March of 2019.So the majority of us are planning to hang
out inside and practice social distancing.Excellent!Why don’t you chill and watch another video?Ever wonder what would happen if you ate nothing
but junk food?Check out this video to find out:
Or if you’ve ever been curious about howprisoners buy items.Check out how do prices work in the prison
economy?If you’ve been standing in a shopper’s
line for the supermarket while you watchedthis video, perhaps you’d like to watch
both videos, you probably have the time.

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