Indringende beelden van de corona-ic in Scheemda

Op de corona-intensive care van het Ommelander Ziekenhuis Groningen in Scheemda voeren artsen en verpleegkundigen een hevige strijd tegen het coronavirus.


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This is an unprecedented situation. We are accustomed to busy situations, but wehave never had so many patients with the same illness at the same time.This is so unpredictable. One moment you thinkit is going well and you see improvements. And suddenlyeverything can collapse like a house of cards.A crisis in a hospital. The intensive care unit of the Ommelander Hospital Groningenin Scheemda is almost completely full of corona patients.And they no longer only come from the Brabant region. More and more people from Groningen haveto fight for their lives.
It's really there. We are in the middle of it.That is why it is so important that people see what’s going on.It’s not only in Italy or Spain. No, it is inGroningen. It is happening in our hospital.This is a life and death situation. Anyone can get involved.Don’t think “it’s far away, it does not happen to me." No, it is not like that.Your neighbor, you, anyone.The intensive care unit has become a corona intensive care unit to treat the infectious patients.It is actually one large insulation department with the sluice room at the back.The only difference is that there isno pressure difference, but we compensate for this byfully protecting ourselves.Full days in personal protective equipment: hair cover, goggles, mask,apron and gloves. The glasses fog at the slightest.The masks make breathing difficult.
It is as if you are constantly inthe sauna, but you have to work.We have to make sure to take breaksand drink enough. Otherwise you won't be able to keep up. But that isdifficult because it is quite a procedure. Undressing, grabbing drinks, going to the toilet,you always get calls.
But youBut you have to do it or you won't be able to keep up.
This is what you became an intensive care nurse for:to treat sick people.But this is an exceptional situation.Working with these patients in these circumstances.Working with corona patients on a daily basis is confronting.Because they see that everyone can get sick, including themselves.We don’t have patients with excess weight. And they are not only older than 70 years. We are treating people intheir 40s with young children. There are patients younger than meand I always find that difficult. It's not just that when you're 70 or 80you get sick. No that's not true.How well can I protect myself? Because all patients have corona.We have good guidelines, are well instructed and have good materials.And yet you have a lot of fear in you: it could also happen to meEven for intensive care staff with years of experience, workingwith corona patients is something that will leave an indelible impressionWe are now in a workflow, we just keep going.At some point we will look back and ask ourselves: what happened there.We try to communicate with each other, discuss what is difficult and how to deal with it.But you don't think that much about it. That comes weeks, months later. We won’t forget this.It is so frustrating to see a patiënt deteriorate while you are doing everything you can.Those frustrations leave a mark.I have a hard time dealing with that, even as an intensive care nurse.It really gets you.

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