Wat corona met je doet

Maandag 23 maart richtte premier Rutte zich in een persconferentie in het bijzonder tot jongeren: houd je aan de sociale afstand. Minstens 1,5 meter. Want beelden van dit weekend lieten heel wat anders zien.

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De NOS is de grootste nieuwsorganisatie van Nederland. Bij NOS op 3 vind je elke zaterdag nieuws dat je niet mag hebben gemist. Wij gaan voor jou op onderzoek uit naar nieuws uit jouw wereld. Ook vind je hier uitleg bij het nieuws.

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We're a step further yet again.No more than three visitors in your house…a ban on gatherings until June 1st…and €400 fines.And you haven't heard them as strict as this before."And I say it once again, especially to the young viewers.""Don't think it'll all be fine.""It's costing lives.""There's even parties mocking the coronavirus.""Use your common, societal sense.""It truly is appalling behaviour. Stop it."He's mostly talking to young people, for two reasons:for yourself……and others.In this video, I'm going to explain what the virus does exactly……that it can even floor you when you are spring healthy…and that you, however fit you may be, can subconsciously be spreading the virus to others.So, you're not invincible.Because, when the virus enters your body, for example through miniscule small droplets……when someone coughs or sneezes, or when you touch your face with dirty hands……it goes straight into attacking your body.Your mouth, nose and eyes are the entry points.Then, it advances along the outsides of your airway, towards your lungs.We're going to zoom in quite far here.The virus targets your lung's cells.It reprogams a cell with its own genetic code……and transforms it into a copy machine, instructed to reproduce the virus.This damages your cells with millions at a time.And there is an additional danger present:You yourself.Your own body sends an army of your immune system towards the virus.In order to beat the virus, the immune system starts destroying damaged cells.But can also harm healthy cells in their battle.In that case, your own immune system is actually hurting you more than it is healing.This virus becomes especially dangerous if that battle reaches the alveoli……the place where oxygen is filtered from the inhaled air.Because when that fails…The flemish emergency doctor Ignace DemeyerShows how that works with a cross sectionI took a CT-scan of a normal lungYou can see some white stripes here and therethose are the windpipesAll the black is basically air, so there is nothing to show.With an inflamed corona-lung it looks a lot differentIf you look at the scan of another lung you will seealveoli that are filled for a quarter witha kind of inflammatory fluidthose are partly disabledAnd then if you look at the next CT-scan, you see especially at the botom, the white spots……those are alveoli that are for 100% filled with inflammatory fluidthese are not usable anymore And then you'll simply stop getting air.Your lungs need to work so hard to be able to breathe that you can get exhaustedAnd this isn't only the case for elderlyListen to the 39 year old artist Joel from EindhovenWho recorded a video from the hospitalHanging on oxygen supportIt's unbelievable, people think you need to be old to contract it.And that it's just a flu even if you get itI've been hospitalized for a week now, it's a hell.And what about the 16 year old Sehraz from BredaWho's fortunately not on life support anymoreAt the moment more than 150 peopleYounger than 50 years old have been hospitalizedThat includes: children, teens and twenty year oldsThus, really youngIt's true that generally healthy young peopleCarry much less riskAnd are better able to handle the virus than elderly……or other vulnerable peopleBut as a maybe unconscious carrier of the virusYou are forming a danger to others, emphasize the expertsMaybe a friend with asthmaOr your grandparents, we need to protect those peopleRight? Lars?My granddad got corona and died of it.We don't know exactly how he got infectedHe didn't even leave his apartment complex.I wasn't able to see him personally anymore either, because it's such an infectious disease.Realise that your grandparents too can get sickEven if you yourself don't get sick of itThe less strong people won't survive it That's why Rutte (prime minister) also addresses you when he speaksAnd that's where all that "social distincing" comes fromAnd the 1.5 meter distance from each otherAnd then this…Last week this American youtuber made a really interesting videoAbout where we all leave our sporesWith a little glow in the dark powderWe wanted to try this ourselves tooMaybe you've already noticed throughout this video……That i've touched all kinds of thingsWatch what happens……In ultra violet lightThese are all the things i've touched with my handsAnd thus where i could've spread the virus.Why i am showing this?Because you cant see the virus……But it can temporarily survive on non living surfacesSo you need to be careful with dirty handsfor yourself……And othersAnd to conclude a tip: if you press the subscribe button……wash your hands thoroughly, you'll never know who touched it before you.

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