“Dit gaat allemaal weg?!” Koningin Máxima leeft mee met tuinbouwsector

Een van de getroffen sectoren is de Nederlandse glastuinbouw. Waar het buitenland normaal in deze periode voor vele miljoenen aan bloemen bestelt, is de werkgelegenheid door de wereldwijde uitbraak van het virus bijna geheel tot stilstand gekomen. Bloemen moeten massaal worden weggegooid. Koningin Máxima bezocht vrijdag 27 maart kwekerij Zuidbaak in Honselersdijk.

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This week we saw Queen Máxima at several places, albeit digital.Sha called on nurses, organizations, attendedvideo conferences to hear in a safe way the situation in the countryAnd now she went out herself.
In the car of her mother-in-lawPrincess Beatrix, very safe, because it has a screen between herselfand her chauffeur.Máxima is welcomed at horticultural industry Zuidbaak in Honselersdijk.Due to the corona outbreak the horticulture sector has seenthe market go down almost completely.The Queen is guided by owner Walter Zuiderwijk through his greenhousewhere among other things, fiddles and primroses are grownMáxima spoke to his employees as well, who are afraid for the future.Dutch horticultural sector has severe difficulties since the outbreak of the coronavirus.Usually in the time of Easter and Mother's Dayit's the most busy time of the yearBut the worldwide supply for Dutch flowers and plantshas almost come to a stop.This is all for export and has to go?This all has to go?That's what I said. Such
beautiful products and it still has to go.It's a pain in your heart.Queen Máxima spoke to other flower and bedding plant growersand branch organization greenhouse industriesabout the consequences of the corona outbreak for Dutch growerstheir employees and their environment and about possible measures for the next term.King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima inform themselves at this timeabout the consequences of the corona outbreak and express their support and appreciationfor the efforts of so many in the fight against the pandemic.By telephone calls and, if possible, working visits

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