4K Cab Ride NL / Coronavirus / Amsterdam – Den Haag – Amsterdam – Haarlem / 17-03-2020

Welcome on board to a video with three train rides in one shift combined! Also this video contains a completely new lay out in NS colors for the station names and the extra messages.

As you all know the coronavirus has made its introduction in The Netherlands and because of that most of all activities in the country has stopped. As of Saturday the 21st of March the Dutch Railways introduced a train schedule with every half an hour a train at all stations. But this video was recorded before that day.

On the 17th we were still running a normal schedule, but with about 85% less passengers than we normally transport. In this video you will se quit the normal amount of trains on the tracks, but almost no passengers on board the trains and on the station.

We start the video at the beginning of the afternoon. Weirdly enough there are now more passengers outside the rush hour than during rush hour. This was still a great concern for us as staff because people had to maintain their distance in the train at 1.5 meters from each other at least.

Sprinter Amsterdam – Schiphol Airport – Den Haag:
Our first ride is one with the SNG (Sprinter New Generation). At Schiphol the train demands on of the test in the braking system is done before departure. It’s the dead mans switch that has been testen 24h ago for the last time. This must be done every 24h at least. The driver that took a new braking test after splitting the train up earlier that day did not take a new dead man’s switch test because it was still valid at that time and the driver that handed the train over to me did not inform me about this. The result is a very small delay.

Also after departure in Leiden we will be confronted with a small delay because the Intercity from Amsterdam has a small delay. As soon as the Intercity has passed us and made room we speed up and are back on schedule as we arrive at Den Haag Mariahoeve.

Intercity Den Haag – Haarlem – Amsterdam:
The Intercity ride to Amsterdam gets us closer to rush hour. Normally we have loads of students traveling at this time of the day. But two days before the recording all school were closed in The Netherlands. As you will see there are almost no passengers left!

Make sure to enjoy the upcoming flower fields between Leiden and Haarlem! 🙂

Sprinter Amsterdam – Haarlem:
As a final ride for this video I’ll take you with me on the Sprinter to Haarlem in the middle of rush hour! Before we can depart we have to wait for the Intercity to Haarlem and Vlissingen that makes a late departure from platform 2a. After this the train dispatcher lets the Intercity coming from Haarlem arrive at Amsterdam before we may depart. This all causes a small delay for our train which means we will keep the train to its maximum speed during the whole ride (if possible).

The last ride in the middle of rush hour but as you can see only a few passengers are left on the station. It’s surreal! Let’s hope this crisis is soon over. We all know it will last for a while, but I can’t wait for the normal life to come back to the world. I hope you all stay safe. Tell bored friends about my channel and stay tuned for more!

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