US death toll exceeds 3,000 +++ Spain’s nursing homes under threat | Coronavirus Update

Spain has Europe’s second highest coronavirus death toll behind Italy. Its nearly 8,000 fatalities have now surpassed China. With the elderly at high risk, nursing homes in Spain have been overwhelmed by the number of infections. There are reports of dire conditions, with dead bodies left in beds for hours. Relatives are worried about their loved ones but they’ve been banned from visiting.
In the United States the death toll from COVID-19 now exceeds three-thousand. More than a third of those victims are from New York state, whose governor has issued an urgent appeal for medical volunteers . Andrew Cuomo called the number of deaths “staggering”. So far, around 80,000 former medical professionals have answered Cuomo’s call. Meanwhile, a US Navy hospital ship has arrived to help relieve pressure on the city’s hospitals.
More Coronavirus news:
– Italy, the country with the most deaths, will extend its lockdown until at least April 12th. Italians have been under lockdown for three weeks already.
– The World Health Organization is warning that even though the focus is now on Europe and the U-S, the coronavirus pandemic is still ‘far from over’ in Asia and the Pacific region.
– Brazil’s health minister has defied president Jair Bolsonaro – and urged Brazilians to practice social distancing. Bolsonaro has downplayed the pandemic, and opposes regional lockdown measures.
– Myanmar and Tanzania have become the latest countries to report their first coronavirus deaths, as part of the global pandemic.

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